Day 317~366

I have a weekend home alone, as Phil is off to a scale model show in Telford, not back until Sunday night, and I have to cat~sit. Really the cat is doing the sitting, on my trackpad so that I can’t be on the computer, but she didn’t realise I have an emergency mouse, so […]

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Day 302~366

Spotted Frego having a cuppa and admiring the autumn colours from our bedroom window. 🙂 Apparently it’s my 4 year anniversary today on Wordy, so yay go me!

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Day 301~366

“Lets go out and shoot some leaves” ‘But it’s so windy, and that’s so cliche!’ “Yours probably will be, but mine certainly won’t!” *sigh*

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Days 294,5 & 6

We’ve been to Leighton Buzzard to visit with my son and grandson, weather was a bit meh so didn’t get out a great deal, a bit of shopping and that’s about it.  On the way down the M1 Frego and I stopped at Woodhall services for a cuppa, and Frego spotted a tree she liked […]

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