Day 5~366

I know, it’s a bit similar to the last one, but I’m limited time wise so another breakfast shot. 12hr work days are not great for the project, but I only do 3 a week so will have more time then to plan and do something more interesting. At least I’m not just doing iPhone snaps, but trying to make the 366 with a bit of quality.  Thanks for following and giving me feedback Wordypals 🙂

Can’t believe the weather at the moment, I  know we Brits never shut up about it but that’s usually because it’s so changeable, now it’s just day after day of bad shit. I feel like I’ve been living in Mordor for a week! I’ll turn up for a hearing test tomorrow and it’ll be Sauron sitting there! 🙂 Now got to go and think of something for tomorrow that isn’t a breakfast. Maybe a snack? 😀

day 5w

Day 4~365

I thought I’d have a bit of a hard time with the 366 on the days I’m working, especially for the stills. Sunrise isn’t til 8.30am and I leave for work at 9.15, the weather is atrocious every day, dark and gloomy, windy and torrential, and I am always home after dark. I might have to do some night time still life’s to get more time. Or be better prepared the night before, which isn’t easy in my freezing cold conservatory-cum-studio! Anyways, I had a go at a breakfast shot. I only had time for a couple of composition tries, and I think this was the best one. I always check the comp on my iPhone first and also to take one on that for Instagram, and I think it came out better, which is not what I want to think!!

day 4w

the iPhone version





Day 3~366

I’m having a busy Sunday. Phil is at work til 9pm so I’ve been up and at’em. I was at the supermarket by 10am, finished off my expenses form, sorted work out for tomorrow, painted another backdrop for my photography, played with Skye and the laser light, and done my photo for the day. Just the Christmas decorations to take down now, and make some soup for my dinner. I’ll put my feet up and watch a movie after that I think!

day 3w




Day 1~366

Here I am in 2016 and with a new look to the blog, and a new photography project. This year I’m doing a 365 project, that is to take one picture a day for a year. I have done one before back in 2011, but that was unstructured and scrappy, so am limiting myself to one camera, the Fuji, and a theme for each month. I still will post the odd Fraggle report I’m sure, especially when visiting new places, but the main aim is to hone and improve my skills and concentrate on quality, not quantity! You can find my list of themes HERE


I’ve recently been inspired by the beautiful photo’s of Cristina Colli  so January is all about still life composition.

Just realised it’s a leap year so this will be a 366! 🙂