there’s a stroy to this, but it’s 11.30pm, had a long drive back from training day, and am off to bed, laters peeps. edit: stroy is the new way to spell story, beat the spellcheck on that one 🙂


am quite in awe of my 105 macro lens, even though I dropped it onto a concrete floor and so the manual focus is really stiff (!) it still amazes me how small things can look so big!  The feather is that of a swan, from my swan pics of late, and the ball is one of my crystal balls and I fancied a…


  Am working such long hours I’m struggling to keep up with 365, work, blogging, social networking, having a life!   I won’t give up!!!


Another  long long drive today, but the sun was out for a little while and I was in the beautiful Northumberland.  I managed a coffee break by Woodhorn Lake and took a couple of quick snaps, can’t beat swans for a 365 moment!   The focus went a bit squiffy, but I like it anyway. I think this one though is my fave, I…


Today has been long, lots of driving, lots of problem solving, home at 6.30pm, had dinner, worked from 7.30-10.30pm. So another late upload and no time to be sociable. Up at 6.30am and another day the same to come, and Friday, and Saturday, go away for training on Sunday night, come back late Monday night and start again Tuesday.  Am I winge~ing? Yes, and…