The College. Darlington Model CLub held their annual show at the college yesterday, and I went along with Phil who had 2 of his tanks entered into the competition. He won 2 golds for them so had a really good day. For me it’s a photo opportunity and a bit of a laugh as the chaps who also go from Phil’s model clubs are funny. Some really good work so I’m posting a few up.  


took this on Friday night just as I’d finished my work, the business has taken over my life now, and I’m struggling to keep up with a 365. Don’t really want to be doing phone shots at the last minute, as it isn’t helpful to my photography at all! Never mind. Will have to try harder to find decent  day shots when I’m out and about. But its not easy when you’re on a tight schedule.


  I spend a lot of time in my car, do on average 130 miles a day around the North East, in my battered old Rav 4.  It doesn’t look much but it is AWESOME! When Phil was snowed in a couple of years ago and couldn’t get his hairdresser car out of the estate ( 🙂 ) I took him to work and back every day, over the snow and ice, up the kerbs and around the stranded BMW’s.  We’ve not had many mechanical problems, and it passed it’s 10 year MOT without any work needed, as it had…


    Scarecrow~hawk~kite & Boob Hill. This is one of my ‘oh quick! grab the camera run out of the car take a shot shots.Was working down in the Middlesborough area and lucky enough to go past Boob HIll and see it quite close up.  Of course it isn’t really called Boob Hill, but I don’t know it’s real title. As I was driving toward it I kept seeing the sun break through and  then subside, so I had to wait a few moments to catch a break. What first caught my eye though was the new fangled scarecrow that…


HARIBO ARMY.      1st Gummy Bear Regiment.   Night manoeuvres . .Sometimes doing a 365 gets you a little crazy.   At 10pm I was stressing as I hadn’t got a photo today.  At times like these I get the macro lens on the camera and go searching cupboards and shelves, nooks and crannies to find something. ANYTHING!!! Tonight I found a box of Haribo …….. 🙂

89 possibly.

Wardley sunset to the rescue. Bit of a nothing shot really, just to capture the colour of Wardley sky tonight, amazing, and seriously NO saturation tweak here. I did add a soft focus filter and cropped an enormous lampost out. I do hope some hardy landscape photographer was out on hill and dale and got a mountain and stuff in a shot with this all going on, but it was minus penguin outside so I did the ironing and took this out the bedroom window. Leaning against a radiator 🙂


   Between our two lives           there is also the life of the                 cherry blossom               Basho   Love Japanese haiku, and there’s a plethora regarding cherry blossom.  My tree is just on the verge of popping it’s blossoms, fingers crossed for some blue skies to contrast it with!