Holga Adventures

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I have a Holga which uses 120mm film, and I do like to take a few shots with it now and then. Sending a film off and not knowing what’s going to come back is quite exciting.  It also is quite a good way to learn about composition, I don’t want to waste film, so I really take my time to check everything out in the viewfinder before pressing the shutter button.  But it doesn’t always go well, I get a lot of blurry ones! I’m not that keen on double exposures, but the accidental ones are a hoot sometimes.

4 Replies to “Holga Adventures”

    1. have not used mine for ages, think because last time out I got a total blur fest but not sure why, was sure the settings were right, (there’s only a distance wheel to focus, and you can’t tell through the viewfinder 🙂 )


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