Things Change

When I started out here on this blog many moons ago, it was just for my photographs and travels, and along the way it changed into a history blog with accompanying photos. That happened organically really, I hadn’t decided to do that at the outset, but I’ve had a blast doing it. Most of my outings have been taken in the company of my pal Sophie, who’s friendship I”ve loved having since 2011. We’ve visited just about every historical Castle, Stately Home,Church, Ruin,Museum etc in our area of the North East UK, and it’s been fun doing it and I’ve had a great education along the way.

This isn’t going to happen so much now, as firstly Sophie moved to Spain to be with her hubby Mentat , and comes back to England mostly when necessary for work or family reasons, and secondly, I have become much enamoured of analogue photography, and I have a dedicated Blog for that. So for now, I’m not going to be doing much on this blog, until something occurs to me, though of course if I visit anywhere historical it’ll be put on here as usual.

I have a couple of photographic projects on the go, most of you know I do a weekly post for my 365 project at Fraggles Otherverse but I’m not sure how many here know of my journey in film over on Fragglefilm where I post on Fridays when I get the films I’ve shot back, it would be cool to see you over there if you’re up for it. Here’s one I prepared earlier


I went down to south at the beginning of April to visit Ben and Lewis, and on the only Sunny day we drove to a different bit of the canal than in my last visit (HERE). We parked up and walked through the grounds of St. Mary’s Church, Linslade. Pilgrims were originally attracted to a holy well on the site during the 10th century. The first church was built in the 12th century, though was rebuilt in the 15th century into the form it is today. We didn’t check to see if it was open, as we were heading to a canal side pub for lunch!


Walking down to the canal on a path running alongside a rolling landscape and Lewis and I took pictures of the trees ( he had my little Fuji for the day 😊 )


More treees!

The canal was brown due…

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