Saltwell revisited ~ Part 2 ~ February 23

Part 1 here

Although the cherry blossom trees were not playing the game, there were other bits of coloured flora and the like, so we took photo’s of what we found. All these are taken with my Contax Aria and Cinestil 400 film.

purpley bluebells

These are called Glory-of-the-snow in English apparently, but in this case it was glory-of-the-rain

Scilla luciliae (Boiss,) Speta.

Daffodils were abundant, especially on this bank on the edge of the park where they were joined by bluebells


The white blossom trees were not being so tardy

Spring Cherry tree
Sour Cherry tree

I love the wiggles of this tree

Corkscrew Hazel

We had a wander over the road where there’s a large cemetery

Oak Tree I think

When I was a little girl I won a competition for growing a Hyacinth and had my picture in the local paper, the Huddersfield Examiner. Nothing to do with the outing here except this grave full of them reminded me of my moments of Warholian fame.

Hyacinthical Grave.

I like Grape Hyacinths too and there were some!

Grape Hyacinthical Grave

I do like this statue of the Madonna, which seems unusual to me. All the graves here are of the Crolla family, but try as I might I can’t find out much about these particular ones, but they are obviously of Italian origin and I did find out the following ~

Italians came to the Uk to escape poverty and starvation in Italy when their farming communities were tore apart by war and famine. Their journey was supposed to take them to America but they liked it just fine here so quite a few families stayed in the UK. The first wave of arrivals was in the early 1800’s the second wave around the early 1870’s. Upon arriving in London they worked their way up north using two trades usually selling ice cream in the summer and musicians in the winter when the ice cream trade was at a low.

Madonna and the Crollas

And that’s the end of our revisit, stay tooned for wherever we go next.

📷 🎞️ 😊

37 thoughts on “Saltwell revisited ~ Part 2 ~ February 23

  1. Wonderful…one of the things I love about living where I do is the trees and flowers which are much the same as where you are. Daffodils and grape hyacinths in spring at our last place same as there – not exactly sure what we will have here, but we are having a glorious autumn right now!

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  2. Do you use the word “mam” for “mom” in your neck of the woods? It’s on Esther’s tombstone in the pic. I would have thought that sort of slangy for a grave marker but I don’t know how it plays in Saltwell.

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  3. Wonderful images Fraggle. I like the name Corkscrew hazel! We name it, tanslated, twisted hazel, wich also seems to be adequate but less happy. The madonna ineed is exeptional, because of her hat but also, I think, because of the light in front of her that looks like a tall glass of beer, wich, well, matches the happiness of the hazel. Kind of. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful flowers, and I always love wandering cemeteries. Strange, maybe, but I find them so peaceful, and I always think of the lives people must have led that lived in the past.

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