Beamish Outdoor Museum~Feb 2023 ~ part3

As well as visiting the new 1950’s bit (which you can read about HERE) we called in at some of the older bits and took a few photos round and about.

In the 1900’s town there is an Edwardian Photographer, JR & D Edis Photographers where you can dress up in period costumes and have a traditional photo taken. There’s a really good piece on the place HERE.

JR & D Edis Photographers (fujiX100F)

You can see cars, motorcycles and bikes from the collection at the Beamish Motor & Cycle Works, which is a replica of a typical early 1900s garage.

Garage (fujiX100F)
in for a service (fujiX100F)
Stepney Tyres. (still trading!) (fujiX100F)

I took a couple of people shots on the way to the 1900 town, some of the volunteers who dress up in period clothing.

Bank Manager and Policeman Plod (contax aria and silbersaltz 35)
Transport Manager (contax aria and silbersaltz 35)

We love to see the trams and busses

(contax aria and silbersaltz 35)

(contax aria and silbersaltz 35)

(contax aria and silbersaltz 35)

(contax aria and silbersaltz 35)

and of course we had a ride back on a bus, couldn’t resist this shot


There’s also a 1900’s Pit village showing a colliery community at the time of peak coal production in the North East. The Francis Street cottages came to Beamish from Hetton-le-Hole, on Wearside, and were originally built in the early 1860s by Hetton Coal Company. Six of the original row of 27 homes were moved to the museum in 1976 and rebuilt in our 1900s Pit Village.

Francis Street (contax aria and silbersaltz 35)
downstairs (contax aria and silbersaltz 35)
upstairs (contax aria and silbersaltz 35)

Oops I’ve gone on a bit so I’ll stop there and leave it at that. There’s a few more photo’s I took, so if you want to see the whole shebang it’s on my Smugmug site HERE but that’s it for the blog.


for wherever next we go.

πŸ“· 🎞️ 😊

50 thoughts on “Beamish Outdoor Museum~Feb 2023 ~ part3

  1. I hope that picture of the policeman doesn’t trigger Booky! He may take a swing at him!

    I suppose living in a Pit Village wasn’t all that wonderful back in the day, but it looks so cozy.

    Did you not get dressed up in period clothing for the photographer? I have a picture of myself age around 6 as a cowboy in some sepia-toned pic from a Wild West museum. At least I think that picture is still lying around somewhere. Have to destroy it . . .

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  2. I always thought if I could choose any time period to live it would be the late 1800s or the turn of the century/early 1900s. These photos are fab, Fraggle. I would love to visit that photographer and dress up in period clothes!

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    1. Sometimes they have a tramfest day and trams from other museums come up and join the party, plus they always have some in the garage. I think it depends on how many people attend as to how many they put on.

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