Kirkleatham Owl Center ~ October 2022

Sophie and I had a grand excursion Southwards to visit some places in North Yorkshire, and one of those places was the Kirkleatham Owl Center in the borough of Redcar. It’s a conservation place and they look after all sorts, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, reptiles, but mostly birds. I am not a fan of caged birds, even in big enclosures, but also love seeing the colourful birds we don’t have over here, owls and birds of prey, close up, so am always a bit torn about them. These people look after, and give a home to injured ones.

I stupidly forgot to write down what each bird is, though I can recognise a couple, so sorry for that, and if anyone recognises one, feel free to comment and I can add it.

Bambino Peacock
Fluffy McFluff~Face
Fred and Ginger
Black billed fancy pants

That’s it for this week, short and sweet 😊, I’ll be back next week with more purdy burdies. πŸ¦† πŸ“ o stay tooned.

56 thoughts on “Kirkleatham Owl Center ~ October 2022

    1. A chap was feeding the kookaburras when we were going round on raw fish I think as it stank! Also the vultures had a great slab of liver they were pecking at. Sadly the shots I took were useless, which is probably a good thing for my genteel readers!

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  1. Sweet! I can’t help you with names. My knowlegde of birds is limited to two kind of species: flying birds and floating birds. The birds in this set of pictures with fur and four legs are beyond my imagination. I love the photo of Fred and Ginger. They look like they have gone through times but are now totally happy together. The blue bird must have seen something very very remarkable!

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  2. I am with you on caged/captive birds, but rescuing injured ones is good. I love Owls, but prefer to see them fly in the wild, and listen to them calling at night.
    (Pigeon breast is a very nice dinner. Cooked with something like a berry sauce and accompanied by black pudding, it’s delicious!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I prefer your names!…I’m conflicted too about birds in captivity…I was in Paris once and came across lovebirds for sale in a tiny cage and surprised myself by bursting into tears!!doesn’t happen a lot…lovely to see owls etc up close though.

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