Tynemouth Market ~ August 2022

Regular visitors will have seen a few posts from Tynemouth Market over my past 9 years on WordPress, there’s always something to photograph and it’s a fab place for great coffee, interesting foods, daft purchases and funny looking people. For those who are new here, or have forgotten, the market takes place in Tynemouth Metro station, the station is also a Grade II listed building which opened in 1882 as a railway station. It later became the first section of the Metro network in 1980, making it a great attraction for local history buffs. (Metrospotters?) Anyway with Sophie back in Spain, I decided to go looking for vintage spoons for a photo I need to do, and Phil came along as there are plenty of vinyl record stalls to browse.

I took my Contax of course, so there’ll be a Film Friday post at some point, but I also took my iPhone and used the Hipstamatic app to photograph anything/one I fancied that took my notice.

Just at the entrance there’s a small section of floor tiles that are cracked and blue, which I hadn’t noticed before today

the blues

I love the light in the market, the glass panelled roof makes some great shadows when the sun is shining.

in the navy.
got the blues
in the pink
decisions, decisions.
wooden hearts.
Bone Idol

I think it takes a fair bit of courage to stand at the top of the steps on your own singing to a herd of people who are not interested and don’t give a monkeys, but she needed to be a better singer to grab any attention. Also The New Seekers songs are a bit beyond πŸ™„ .

busker lady

I accidentally pressed the shutter at the bottom of the stairs, but I like the result

happy accident

I have no idea what this musical dummy is for, I don’t think it can be for dressmaking judging by the boob area, you could rest your drinks on that ledge!

Booby Doll.

I am not sure why this fellow is dressed in the (pesky) Scottish National Costume, but he does look fetching I think.

Foxy Scotsy
actual health and well being.
Phil purchasing tat πŸ₯΄ 🀣 β™₯️

That’s it for this week! Stay tooned for where/whatever next time!

😊 πŸ“±

49 thoughts on “Tynemouth Market ~ August 2022

  1. Great pics. The bricks are like ‘Staffordshire blues’ they’re great to look at and often seen in alleyways and courtyards here. Years since I’ve been beyond Whitby so I’ll have to explore the NE

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  2. Cool! Indeed, lots of things to photograph and your eyes spotted them! Beautiful building as well! I looked up why a modest place like Tynemouth even has a Metro-station, but I now understand it is part of a much larger Lightrail-system, serving the Newcastle area. Well done! (Hope you found your spoons! πŸ™‚ )

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  3. Such a great collection of a market I would love to visit. As an old stage lighting designer I am so impressed by the shadows created there.
    I find it cool that you can even take a fine photo by accident.
    Thank you, Fraggle.

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  4. This looks like a great place, Fraggle and one I would have fun visiting. BTW, I used to like a lot of the New Seekers music back in the day, LOL.

    And I love the “cat bag” Phil is holding while getting his hat!


  5. Great post, I’m from the North East originally and used to go to Tynemouth and the market a lot. I actually went last time I visited a few years ago and picked up a great framed picture of the Tyne Bridge. Looks like the market is still thriving, I’m very glad!

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