Belsay Hall & Castle ~ Oct 2021 ~ The Quarry (again)

After doing the rounds of the Castle it was time to walk back through the quarry and avail ourselves of the tearoom located in the original kitchen of the hall. So a few more pictures from this amazing garden and that will be the end of our day out.


hanging on

The trees on top of the quarry send their roots down over the edge, and the big ones split the rock as they travel down.

splitting asunder

We took notice of the little things too


We spotted some autumn colours


and then through the exit and away we go.


So that’s the end of our day out to Belsay. Stay tooned for next time, when we’ll visit Bolam Lake.

63 thoughts on “Belsay Hall & Castle ~ Oct 2021 ~ The Quarry (again)

  1. A lovely garden and fabulous pics. I am always amazed that plants, and water for that matter, have so much power. And that we, for all our wonderfulness, have so little. Just look at an abandoned road or railway track, and how little time it takes for the natural world to assert itself again!

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  2. Wow, those mushrooms inspire disbelief, Fraggle! Quite the catch. Some amazing photos as per usual. After the lake, I recommend you head off to Tamworth. They’ve got a castle, a SnowDome, Alex’s approval – everything!

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  3. I really like that quarry garden, it has become a firm favourite from your photos, even though I have never visited. I love how the roots can spilt rocks, and you captured every aspect of it so well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. This is another fabulous post…the quarry is amazing and all the photos are outstanding, though my favourite shot this time are the ‘shrooms’ and the rock-splitting roots come a close second. Thank you for sharing. 😊

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