Belsay Hall & Castle~Oct 2021~The Castle

Coming out of the Quarry Garden we get a splendid view of the Castle.

Belsay Castle.

The Castle was built as an extension to a manor in 1390, modified in 1614 with a Jacobean range on the west side, with a further wing added in 1711 or thereabouts, and was abandoned in 1817. It’s had it’s ups and downs since then, but English Heritage are looking after it now.

Front door
It’s missing a floor or two

Spidey Window

There are stairs up to the roof top of the castle’s tower house, and up we went to see the views..

a green and pleasant land

There is a walled area in front of the castle and it has monkey puzzle trees in it..

and one of the walls of the castle has a carved face in the stonework. 😊


Finally the rear view of the castle with the imposing tower house built in 1391 by John Middleton.

Stay tooned for next time and the return through the Quarry Garden.

all pictures embiggenable by clickeration.

Further history HERE.

48 thoughts on “Belsay Hall & Castle~Oct 2021~The Castle

  1. It must have been an amazing place in its heyday, although I don’t think the buildings work together terribly well. I suppose it’s better than if they’d knocked the castle down in order to build the house, though.

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  2. Whenever I see old castles I like to think of them as besieged by zombies. They look so defensible against the undead. Against cannon not so much.

    Was the carved face original or a later addition by a skilled craftsman?

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  3. Ruins after the rain? everything looks so neat. Although my mother a couple of weeks said, and related to smartphone cameras, “they make things look quite neat, but we took photos of ourselves and we look like monsters!” The smiling carved face looks fantastic, very friendly. Thank you, fragglerocking.

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  4. No swapping of our real historic castles for Disney nonsense please!
    That’s a nice sized castle. I can imagine myself living there, after some serious internal renovation of course. I would have a flag specialy designed, and raise it from the top battlements, to indicate when I was ‘In residence’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. You captured this beautifully Fraggle. It’s in such good shape, amazing. I try and picture what it might have looked like when it was in use and it’s hard to imagine. Wish more of the interior was preserved. Love the face, I wonder when that was carved? Hugs, C

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