Belsay Hall & Castle~October 2021~ The Quarry Garden.

The Quarry Garden is a dramatic sheltered garden created out of the quarry from which the stone was extracted in the early 19th century to build the Hall, Castle and grounds. They are now in the care of English Heritage, who restored the Quarry Garden in the mid-1990s to reveal the full height of the quarry cliffs and the monumental rock faces, in line with their original 1830s concept of ‘Awesome Nature’. (That was from the blurb on English Heritage website, not quite sure people in the 1800’s were using ‘awesome’ as a word. Especially not in Northumberland where they speak a kind of English/Viking language so you only make out 1 in 3 words. Anyhoo, I digress…. )

Inspired by Sir Charles Monck’s travels, the Quarry Garden has its own microclimate which means all sorts of exotic plants grow there. Sophie and I love walking through it, there is so much to point our cameras at.

So today’s post is our walk through the Quarry Garden to get to the Castle, and we’ll have another look at it on our way back from the castle too.

in we go..
Brazilian Giant Rhubarb. You could make a lot of pies from these I think!
I think these are rhododendrons.
Not many flowery bits at this time of year, but a pop of colour here and there.
portal to the next bit.
Stairway to nowhere
corner lighting
rootling down
Tree Top.

Next time we’ll be at the Castle so stay tooned!

All pictures are embiggenable by clickerating on them.

50 thoughts on “Belsay Hall & Castle~October 2021~ The Quarry Garden.

  1. I like quarries. They are very picturesque, whether new and so showing the raw stone or older like this and having all that growing stuff (sorry my brain isn’t quite in gear yet and so struggling this morning).
    I like the topmost picture the most. The roots growing down just show that even stone isn’t impervious πŸ˜€

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  2. A piece of Brazil in such a Northern place, I would think it was only possible in greenhouses. I feel the same when I walk around the 19th century train stations built by Englishmen in Peru. A nice post, fragglerocking : )


  3. This is a “digital picture” question so I don’t know if that’s your bailiwick or not but you were the first person that popped to mind.
    When uploading photos, is there a difference between jpg and png in terms noticeable quality? I’m talking about something in the 700x1000px dimension, not a massive 4K one. The size comparison is quite different, 400K vs 1300K, but just wonder if the picture quality is noticeable. With my diabetic eyes I can’t tell a difference.


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