Belsay Hall & Castle ~ October 2021 ~ part 2

We leave Belsay Hall and start off to get to the quarry, but first we’ll have a look in the formal gardens of the Hall. The temperatures were milder than usual in October and November, and so butterflies were still about, which surprised us.

small tortoiseshell and buddlea
large white
red admiral

Still some flowers budding and blooming too.

japanese anemone
sevenbark (Hydrangea aborescens L.)

and some buggy things


There’s a manicured lawn within a walled garden

walled garden

And then on out to the path that leads you on to the quarry, through gorgeous autumn colours.

Katsura japonicum.
Katsura leaves.

Next time we’ll get to the exotic quarry walk so stay tooned!

49 thoughts on “Belsay Hall & Castle ~ October 2021 ~ part 2

  1. ….beautiful photo’s Frag’…exotic quarry?…sounds like something that I’d take a fancy to….(suddenly realises that it’s probably not where they film episodes of Doctor Who(70’s) or Blake’s Seven)…….(sigh)….

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  2. Very nice!
    Ahhh, I remember balmy fall days, when the temps were in the single digits instead of the negatives like today. Not quite as cold as Alex but we’re doing our fighting best to get there 😦
    And a big storm’s coming. I hope it warms up so we get rain instead of snow!

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  3. “I will not cease from Mental Fight,
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand:
    Till we have built Jerusalem,
    In England’s green & pleasant Land.”
    Excited for the trip to the quarry, fragglerocking : )

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  4. Fraggle, these are fabulous, you need to put them together in a coffee table book! And by the way I want a signed copy by the artist! You could animate the images with your writing! It would be a best seller! Please consider, my coffee table is embarrassingly bare! Warmly, C

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