365 ~ 26th ~ 31st December ~ Finalé!

Yes at last, the last week of this 365 has come, and I’m so glad it’s over. The final week was a tech week where we had to include ‘leading lines’ – structures in the photograph that lead your eyes to the subject you want them to see. I took a fair bit of lee-way with that!

No abbreviations or swearing this week~ Christmas spirit and all that.

Day 360 ~ reflect ~ This week we are using leading lines in our photographs.  Leading lines are lines that appear in a photo that have been positioned by the photographer to draw the viewer’s eye towards a specific point. In this photo Brian is walking across a boardwalk and I’m sure he’s reflecting on how lucky he is to have such an awesome partner.  In reality he’s more likely to have been reflecting on the hockey game he watched the night before.  I used the lines of the railings and the path to guide the viewer through the photo and follow the path that Brian is walking. As you reflect today on what to photo consider how you can use leading lines to direct us to what you want us to see.

This week has been the pits for rain, wind, cold and just yuck. No walking across boardwalks in this ‘hood that’s for sure. I noticed all the raindrops hanging from my garden chair handle and used that as a kind of leading line to a raindrop in focus. Not much reflecting going on but hey-ho, it’s a shot.


Day 361 ~ appreciation. ~ We have almost completed another year in our photo a day journey. Have you had time to reflect this holiday season? Are there things that you appreciate now that you hadn’t though about before. I really appreciate the sky. It is always different and provides numerous backdrop opportunities for our photos. I put my camera inside of this trellis and took the shot. I love the way the lines lead me right to the sky. Think about what you appreciate and how you can compose your shot using leading lines.

Today we were supposed to have Phil’s kids and the grandchildren and his sister + brother-in-law for our annual Boxing Day gathering. We didn’t do it last year of course because of the plague, and this year the plague hit Shelly’s household, and so we ended up just with Carl and his 3 kids. It was a good day nevertheless, but not much time for photography whilst I was cooking too many sausage rolls and vol-au-vents. Still, I always appreciate Phil doing the washing-up, so there’s that.


Day 362 ~ glowing. ~ Today is my 60th birthday.  Should anyone decide to follow tradition and add a candle for every year, my cake would be more than glowing!  So instead, I’ll focus on this single glowing candle representing a life well-lived. Find something glowing in your world today – a candle, holiday lights, someone’s glowing personality.   If nothing presents itself, light a candle and celebrate with me…and Amy Jordan!  She and I share a birthday, but the glow on her cake is not as bright as mine. 🙂

edit due to comments – NOT MY BIRTHDAY – THE PROMPT LADY’S! 😀

I decided on candles, now, before you scroll down, I have used a beautiful candle holder consisting of 2 mermaids, that Phil bought me a long time ago as a birhday present. Mermaids don’t wear underwear in real life, so thought I’d best warn you, as when I posted it on Flickr, it got greyed out to the public and labeled ‘restricted’. 🤣 🧜‍♀️ Please feel free to scroll quickly past with your eyes shut if your sensibilities are adrift at the thought of artistic candle holder mermaids and their boobies.


Day 363 ~ Do you still have lots of food lying around, after all the eating that we have been doing in the last week? We are asking you to play with your food!  Yes go for it, organise your chocolate, cakes, mince pies or all of them together to make yourself a Christmas Tree, or another seasonal shape if you prefer. The Christmas tree has great leading lines to the top of the tree to see what is there.

Well that sounded fun, so I did! Chocolate IS food.


Day 364 ~ star. ~ Don’t panic!  This is easier than it looks.  Leading lines using light trails and star bursts are a really simple photography trick! The first thing you need to do is find an overpass over a street that has a lot of traffic.  You can also stand on the side of the street but remember, safety first.I took this picture at dusk on an overpass with the city in the back ground.  I put my camera on a tripod because it is a long exposure photograph and I needed it to be as steady as possible.  My settings were f20 (for the star burst), ISO 100, and a 30 second exposure.  I made sure my focal point was on the street lamp and ta da….instant star!  It took me 30 minutes to get to the overpass but only 30 seconds and one shot to get the picture.  Try it; you will like it! Light trails may not be your ‘thing’.  If not, find a decoration, jewelry, or other star shaped items and produce a picture but remember to include those leading lines.  

I think I’m going to miss Mrs. Cocktail~Dress! Again rain stopped me from venturing out, but I have an excellent star. For a couple or so years it was a thing on social media to have an elf-on-the-shelf. Originally parents would have the naughty elf do something drastic overnight like decorate the dog with ribbons, or leave a funny message, hide stuff etc etc for their kid for them to find out in the mornings, and take photo’s of the elf’s doings which they plastered everywhere on line. Then of course some people decided to take things beyond childhood, and there’d be pictures of Elf in the bath with naked Barbies, or drunk in a pool of yuck. This used to go on all through December. My grandkids apparently loved it. I bought an elf a couple of years ago and impaled him on my golden Christmas Tree Star, told the grandkids that’s what happens when you’re naughty. 🤣


Day 365. ~ 12 O’Clock. Today you take photo number 365! Whether at noon or midnight  – Your 365 photo a day project is complete! Time to Celebrate and Reflect!  With 2021 coming to a close we hope you take time to slowly scroll through your year of photos! “Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings!” Jonathan Huie. The 365 Picture Today team would like to thank you for being an amazing part of this wonderful community!  We wish you peace, health, and happiness in the new year

And so dear reader, the final shot of this challenge, at last. Thank you so much for following along and for all the likes and comments, it made all of it much more fun than it would have been without you. I’ll be doing a round-up and reflection that will go up as my usual Sunday post, but for now I wish you all the best for 2022 and hope you all have a

12 O’Clock


50 thoughts on “365 ~ 26th ~ 31st December ~ Finalé!

  1. Happy New Year! And what a great end to the 365 project. Did you learn from it, were you challenged? I would love to hear your take on it . . . These pictures are great, and touching. Appreciation for someone doing the washing up – I worship the dishwasher, bowing before it, especially after a meal for the multitudes. The chocolate was my favorite, I like your candle holder with the mermaids -sex rated as it was on Flickr. I’ve enjoyed your progress though these prompts. I look forward to more! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Obviously, reading comprehension is at an all time low this time of year.
    ( but since this is your blog and not mine, that’s as far as I’ll go with the snark 😉 )

    I am glad for your sake that you won’t be doing this again. While amusing, it was very evident how much frustration the prompts of certain people caused. Do you have any other projects lined up for ’22 to replace it? Or just going to play it by ear?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done with getting through it. I will miss your comments about the prompt lady, but you are no doubt relieved it’s over. (At least I got to see a lot of Frego.)
    All the best to you and Phil for 2022.
    Pete. x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy New Year. Much as I have enjoyed all these photos, I’m glad for your sake that it’s come to an end. Like you, I’ll miss Mrs Cocktail Dress, because she is just a little bit bonkers, but the rest were just unhelpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it was the last day of the challenge yesterday so I posted. Wondered where you and Dix were, though he hasn’t cottoned on yet either. Will be going back to Sunday posts tomorrow. Loads of chocolates left, help yourself!


  5. I’m still laughing over the impaled Elf on the lovely star! Lovely images, I thoroughly enjoyed your hysterical musings over the wacky prompts during this last year (a highlight during a trying year), especially selfie week! Oh, and those naked gals, they looked cold? Happy New Year to you and Phil, hugs, C

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to have made you laugh through your trying year, I made myself laugh on occasion. The naked gals are definitely cold, it’s bloody freezing in my conservatory! Happy New Year to You and Slap-Harry (as I think of him now ~ Slap~Larry didn’t trip off the tongue quite as slick). 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy birthday! ha ha just kidding xD I liked the proud candles, not for the candles itself, which are beautiful of course, but the kind glow, I am thinking in saving to get one of those Tiffen black pro mist, but I think yours is directly from camera :0 Wishing you a belated happy new year, fragglerocking. A smile from far away : )

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