365 ~ 5th ~ 11th December

Here we are at last on the final sodding selfie week. Hallay-blinking-looyar! This one has the added weekly theme of ‘what I love’. Sigh. No more needs to be said, let’s crack on!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt. HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

Day 339 ~ Amazing. ~ I love winter!  The colder and the snowier the better!  I especially love it  when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  It makes me just want to get outside and play. I also love it that my mental age and the mental age of my grandchildren is now on the same level.  We love to go outside and enjoy the gifts of nature. I think its amazing that the same things that thrilled me as a kid still thrill me now.  It is doubly amazing to share this thrill with Eloise. She makes everything fun.

An AFAC there from Mrs.Cocktail~Dress, whomst, I’m happy to report is not wearing one for sledging. Amazing is a bit hackneyed now I think, I’m sure we’ve done this sort of thing before. Anyway, I cooked an Amazing Roast Tomato/Red pepper/Red Onion soup ( except my onion was white as I’d run out of red) and an Amazing chicken in sweet chilli and garlic sauce. I love them both. 🙄


Day 340 ~ Glitter. ~ Well this is our last Picture You week of 2021 so let’s shimmer & shine!Today add some glitter to your What I Love photo! Be as creative or literal as you like! Are you wearing something glittery and festive? Do you have a favorite holiday decoration that you just love? Or maybe you are like me and love your coffee with a side of glimmering bokeh!  Whatever direction you take I can’t wait to see What you Love!

Well glitter is straight forward enough, and I had some in the shed. Unfortunately getting the lids off the tubes without breaking them turned out to be impossible so it was quite a mess in the end. Damn stuff gets everywhere! AND it’s itchy! I love glitter. No, really, I do. Honest.


Day 341 ~ Couple. ~ I am so grateful for my sweet Luna!  She keeps me moving no matter what the weather is which is so important for me since I work at a desk all day.  Morning and afternoon, we walk together.  I don’t mind thinking of us as a “couple” – after all, she is by my side 24/7 and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  

Pretty sure we’ve been down this road before too, but never mind. A bit of a left-field shot from me. I didn’t want to bother Phil (he will either murder or divorce me if I do another year of this apparently so am quietly getting on with it now the end is insight!) so employed my brand new slippers. For those of you whomst have noticed the other pair of sheep slippers I have in previous shots this year, you will appreciate that these ones are a different colour, I like to change things up now and then. Anyway, here are a couple of slippers on my couple of feet. I love my slippers.


Day 342 ~ Forward~Looking. ~ This is our Where I Stand prompt for the month.  Where are you standing today?  I took this photo when I was in Prague a couple of years ago.  We visited the Jewish Museum.  It was such a fascinating place.  On the walls of the museum they have written the names of Czech and Moravian Jews who perished under the Nazis.  There are 80,000 names on these walls.  I was overwhelmed with emotion as I was reading through the names.  Wherever you are standing today take a photo and show us what you are looking at.

2 years ago????? And not the cheeriest of prompts to start your day. No matter, this was a good one for me so I’m giving out only the second AWP of the year. I have saved up my pennies this year, initially to replace my Fuji XT2 with the XT4, but that will have to wait now, because I’ve done a volte face (ooh hark at me being all Boris) and decided next year is going to be the film year I was going to have before Lockdown got me. I’ve instead purchased a Contax Aria, a magical film camera that I’ve been yearning, nay, lusting even, after for a few years and I am looking forward to getting out with it and seeing what we can do. So yes, me standing in the conservatory, (in my new slippers) looking at the Aria and looking forward to using it. I love it muchly! ♥️


Day 343 ~ Competent. If you are like me, getting in front of the camera is always intimidating.  Looking at personal competencies sometimes adds another layer to that intimidation.  We are going to avoid the negative list and focus on all the wonderful things that we are able, capable, and qualified to do.  After all, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”We have horses, and I am a competent rider—which just means that I’ve developed the skill of keeping the horse between me and the ground! Show us YOU and the great things you do and love.

Oh for heavens sakes. Haven’t we done enough show and tell this year?? AAFP. Anyway, I was so annoyed I got together all the shots from the sodding selfie weeks where we’d had to be showing our skills and whatever and made a collage. And actually I’m more than competent at most of these! Well, maybe not the gardening, and the mosaicing can be a bit iffy, but definitely the having fun.


Day 344 ~ Community. ~ Community is an amazing thing!  Community is where we find “our people.”  Community is the place where we belong. I am blessed to have an awesome community of friends.  With this group, I share a love of the theatre, especially musical theatre. With whom do you share community?  If possible, grab those folks for a photo today.  It may be easiest to try a quick phone selfie so you can then get on with the fun! 

Well! I thought. That’s bloody marvellous. I’m not a member of any type of local group, I don’t even know if there are any. And it’s not my thing really. I’m not anti~social really, just anti~ getting together with people in groups. And that’s without the plague going on. So I was going to do a picture of my Christmas Tree now it’s up, but meh, cliché to the Nth. So I did a macro on Vinnie. But then I thought, blogging gives you a community, OK so it’s a virtual one, but these days that’s just as important. So I stole the avatars of some of the the people I blog with, and did a fake zoom meeting, they’re in my community, and I’m in theirs. Job done. Winning at community!


Day 345 ~ Giftwrap. ~ Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things! What I love about Christmas is giving gifts. I was able to blur the Christmas tree in the background by using a large f stop number (ie f/4) and give the photo a festive feeling.  Show us your love of gift wrapping! If that is not you? Then show us your attempts at something else that you love about this time of year.

Well that at least is straightforward if a little uninspiring and cliché, (that’s two usages of cliché, but it’s Christmas time, which is the mother of all clichés when it comes to photography IMHO). I have no love for giftwrapping, though I can do a good artistic box~wrap if I put my mind to it. But I’m thwarted by not having bought any gifts to wrap as yet so there’s that. So here is my wrapping paper ready and waiting, and a blurred Christmas tree in the background to give the festive feeling. 🙄🤣


And that’s a wrap! OK, groan~inducing pun aside, that’s the end of sodding~selfie week FOREVER!! Happy dance here. Next week is picture style week and our photo taking vantage point will be from Indoors. That’s where I’ve done most of this challenge so no change there. I’ve checked the prompts… 🤦‍♀️ covers it.

Stay tooned dear reader, there’s light at the end of the tunnel now!

45 thoughts on “365 ~ 5th ~ 11th December

  1. Great to see the WP 4 making a cameo! Fabulous pics as always, and today’s Blue Peter tip is; put some old newspaper down to catch any extra glitter so it can go back in the tube.

    That’s a great picture of Phil actually having his ear examined. You are winning at all of this!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love the shot of your new camera. I so wish I knew how to do photography. I always wanted to learn, but much too late now, so I’ll stick to writing. 🙂
    You and Winnie both look comfy in Couple. Nothing like a cat curled on the end of the bed.
    And–hey!–I am super honored to have made the Zoom meeting. What fun!

    I know the challenge is almost over, but I’m going to miss it. I’m looking forward to seeing what you replace it with in 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As you know, I cheated at selfie week, and happy about it too! Glad that is over! That being said, you are winning at selfies this week:

    1. the dinner certainly looks amazing; my mouth is watering!!! It is also my favourite for the week! YUM! 🤤
    2. glitter, though pretty, is evil. It gets everywhere! (I used glitter once when teaching 4 & 5-year-olds the importance of washing hands – It was an entertaining & compelling demonstration.)
    3. I love that Winnie is oblivious to your presence – you make a lovely couple! 😉
    4. I am very excited for you and your new camera! I can’t wait to see your photos with this one!
    5. your collage is inspiring! Well done!
    6. I am honoured to be part of your Zoom meeting! That would be fun!
    7. the gift wrap is such a lovely soft photo!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. The Contax Aria looks quite tempting to grab and take with you. I am sure you will share with us wonderful photographs, fragglerocking. Amazed by the richness of colors in your food too, as colorful as the Peruvian one.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ollie made it onto the Avatar group, hooray!
    I once had a used Contax RTS III, with a (Yashica) 50mm f/1.7 lens. What a beautiful camera! Sadly, it broke soon after (shutter) and would have cost more to fix than it did to buy. Your Arla sent me down Contax Memory Lane.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

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