365 ~ 24th ~ 30th October.

This week is colour week, and the colour is ‘black’. I’ve managed to stick to the prompts more or less but I’ve been away down south visiting my son and grandson so that was my main priority and photography took a back seat to playing football with the boyo! I didn’t even read most of the prompts through to be honest and just took the prompt title so I don’t suppose they’re a great fit. Never mind, onwards MacDuff!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

Day 297 ~ Delightful. ~ Black is a strong color that draws attention and can add visual interest to your photos. It is the color of power and sophistication, mystery and marvel, and can evoke emotions of sadness and edginess. As you go through this color week show us the blacks that add visual interest to your days! I’m always a sucker for a cute sign!

People are a bit bonkers when it comes to decorating their houses for Christmas around here, and now it seems Hallowe’en is also a thing too. But I thought this was quite delightful, it put a smile on my face when I walked past anyway!


Day 298 ~ Gate. ~ It was the cobwebs that caught my eye first while walking past this black gate. Then as I was focused on the cobwebs, I pulled back a bit more and the light from the sunset really pulled me in and I loved it even more. It’s so much fun when a stationary object winds up becoming such an exciting subject! I think I took over 30 photos, not taking more than 7 steps in any direction.  Either closer, farther away, right or left, each each step gave me something new to focus on and something else exciting to capture. Isn’t it incredible how even the slightest movement can make such a difference in our photos?   

She seems very excited with that gate. I had a 5 hour drive down south this day and then Lewis had to show me his new football tricks to be photographed. No black gates in the vicinity but I got lots of action shots. I liked this one best.

off ~ prompt ~ footymad.

Day 299 ~ Curiosity. ~ I’m curious how is it possible that my nieces are able to stand on the ceiling?  This is a photo from the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.  It is full of inquisitive exhibits that make one wonder.  This upside down room was one of them and was a lot of fun.  Science is awesome and can definitely spark someone’s curiosity.  What will spark your curiosity in today?  Try and include black in whatever it is you capture.

I actually took this photo outside a café Sophie and I had lunch in on our outing the previous Saturday. I think it fits being called a curiosity.


Day 300 ~ Boo. ~ We are in Black week heading toward Halloween! Today’s prompt is “Boo” Try to take your photo with a scary vibe. You can wait until night or even use a dark room. Try to scare us with today’s photo!

Seriously? Boo?? That’s the best you can doo??? Well as luck would have it I spotted this in a shop window in Leighton Buzzard after Ben and Louie and I had lunch out. Not very scary but very fortuitous I thought. So, BOO.


Day 301. ~ 10 O’Clock. ~ It’s 10:00…AM or PM; it’s up to you.  Where are you and what are you doing? One of the things that I like most about retirement is the slower pace of my mornings.  I enjoy lingering over the morning paper with my coffee.  I also love the fact that we can go out for breakfast during the week, a little later than the working crowd, and again not feel rushed. I like the blackboard here because its reference to school hearkens back to the life Weber and I both had as teachers and yet it places us square in the present of enjoying a 10am cup (or two) of coffee together.

Not sure who Weber is. Possibly the husband but that’s a name not familiar, at least here in the Motherland. I am assuming Canadian/USA people call their sons Weber, but we’re more likely to call our sons James, or George, Calumn or Chris, that kind of normal name. Also Weber is a surname of German origin, derived from the noun meaning “weaver” so maybe she calls her hubby by his last name. Who knows? Anyhoo at both 10 O’Clocks I was driving, in the morning over to Ben’s house and at night back to where I was staying, but I had to stop off for petrol to fill up the tank so I could just set off early to go back home in the morning.

10 O’Clock (and 5 minutes 😊)

Day 302 ~ Glimmer. ~ The meaning of Glimmer

Verb – to shine with a weak light or a light that is not continuous
Noun – a slight sign of something good or positive

Here is a glimpse at some stormtroopers trying to hide behind some pumpkins! Try lighting up the subject against a black background.  Or, if you can go outside find distant lights glimmering in the nighttime. Looking forward to seeing just a glimmer of something good or positive.

A long and tiring drive home in bad weather and many, many knobs on the road, and my head really wasn’t in photography mode. I did an abstract to suit the Verb definition. Glimmer is a horrid word, I don’t like it. The only AAFP this week!

Also for my readers from other nations, ‘knobs’ does not refer to handle type things, it refers to completely maniacle (mostly male) drivers (usually of Audi’s, BMW’s or white vans) who are aggressive, undertake, cut in and only just avoid hitting your car, ride up your arse and generally believe the road belongs to them and them alone. I don’t like them.


Day 303 ~ Unique. ~ Unique (yoo-neek) Having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable.  Not typical; unusual. Today look around for something unusual or unique that is also the colour black. It is chestnut season!  I think chestnuts are extremely unique in that they grow from little green sputniks into gorgeous brown nuts and then turn a beautiful shade of black.  

There is nothing more yoo-neek than Lord Vincent of Wardley. Without a doubt he has no equal and is unparalleled and incomparible. Yes I know he’s got white bits, but most of his Lordship is black.


Surprisingly only one AAFP this week! Can’t see that lasting. Anyways, stay tooned for next week which is a Picture More week, i.e ‘technical’ week and we will be incorporating curves into our doings.

46 thoughts on “365 ~ 24th ~ 30th October.

  1. I’m not sure that the OED would agree with prompt lady’s definition of unique, but Lord Vincent fits the bill. I’ve also been on the road this week, but my experience was a lot better than yours and the journeys were a bit shorter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love that scary spider. Repeating the word black while bring creative reminds me of poor Johnny the painter in that Fast Show sketch…! Great action shot of Lewis. They need him at St James’s….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I knew from the subject that Vinnie would be putting in an appearance, and he didn’t disappoint. Some imaginative Halloween decorations in your neck of the woods. Things are pretty dull around here.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We have the opposite issue on the B-roads here. I had to drive Julie to Cromer Hospital for an x-ray on Friday afternoon, and the caravanette in front of us didn’t get above 30 mph all the way. Every time there was a big puddle (it had been tipping down) he stopped until he could drive around it. It took us 20 minutes longer than usual to get there because of ‘Mr Sluggish’! I really like the photo of the dial in your car. For some reason, it appeals to me.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Man, I feel your pain about the knobs.
    We had to take a drive yesterday about 45minutes away. Mostly highway and the jackasses we saw driving, it was incredible that more people don’t die while driving. It was actually kind of scary 😦

    Glad you were able to let things go and just go with the prompt names. Ignoring details can do wonders for us sometimes 😀

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  6. I must say, I love the moaning and groaning you go through – always makes me laugh and then enjoy you photos even more. The action shot of Lewis is great, and of course the kitty picture is purrfect for B&W.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. A nice week , fragglerocking. Getting the intelligence from you about the meaning of knob I shall advise the president to change the name from Peru (which is a made up name anyway, we were Tawantinsuyu) to Republic of Knobland.

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  8. 🤣🤣🤣 You kill me! 🤣🤣🤣
    I felt it was an odd bunch of prompts for the colour Black, but only two months left of this torture!
    1. I giggled at the the house decorations – both Halloween & Christmas together! (but a great shot!)
    2. The action shot of your grandson is fabulous!
    3. The goulish scarecrow is suitably scary…a fantastic find.
    4. The black & white pumpkin BOO! is a lovely photo!
    5. I love the look of the inside of your car! Very seasonal!
    6. Glimmer is very interesting & well done for a travel day! (We have ‘knobs’ here too 😖)
    7. Lord Vincent is my favourite of the week – I think he is saying “Welcome back! You may kiss my paw! 🐱

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  9. Black is a good color for the season. Halloween decorations by homeowners in the US is growing … and getting increasingly crazy. Some people go beyond all-out! The closeup of the pumpkin is oddly my favorite – well, except for the closing image. 🙂 Makes me want to rub a tummy.

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  10. Lord Vincent is as imperial and handsome as ever. He always makes an excellent subject regardless of the prompt.
    Thank you for the education on knobs. I have a new term to add to my Brit vocabulary. 😉
    Finally, I really loved that huge spider. Definitely smile-worthy.
    Happy Halloween, Fraggle!

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