365 ~October 3rd ~ 9th

This week is all about change. It’s called ‘picture more’ week, which according to the laydeez means it “is ‘technical week’. The prompts will let you explore your creativity with a technical agenda”. So now you know. We’ve had ‘patterns’ and ‘motion’ and ‘shutter speed’ but this week the overall theme is ‘change’. I can’t see how that is a technical thing, so am declaring the whole week an AFAC, but hey ho, not much makes sense in this 365. Anyway, onwards to the pictures!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also, maybe swearing happens

Day 276 ~ mindful. ~ Fall is my favorite season.  Nature feels like it is settling down, getting ready to rest.  For those of you in the southern hemisphere, nature is beginning to wake up from that long rest of winter.  In either case, things are changing.  The light is changing.  The colors around us are changing.  Perhaps even our mindset is changing. This week, we are going to take a mindful look at what is happening around us.  Be intentional with your photos.  Make this a week of introspection.

Pfft. Mindful. This whole prompt rings with HDBS so I ignored being mindful 🙄 and introspective and just went for ‘change’. I know, I know, nothing wrong with a bit of digging about in the soul and being all self aware, but I did that already the other week, and this is photography, not psychology 101! Anyway Sophie and I went out again today and I found this tree changing colour, so I mindfully shot it.


Day 277 ~ hole.~ So the prompt word is a bit strange today; hole!  I didn’t know which way to go with it myself.  But then I found a photo of this tree in Central Park from back in October 2017.  I bet that hole is a slightly different shape these days.  It caught my eye as it was heart shaped; and you know that when you find a hole in a tree that is a shape you are going to take a photo! What shaped hole will you find today? Has it maybe changed over time? 

Strange??? More like a CBBP! I was working all day so didn’t get chance to look for holey trees. I did take pictures inside peoples ears with my video otoscope, but I couldn’t really use those. Phil to the rescue (again!) and his jeans for doing D.I.Y in. (He doesn’t go out in them). ‘Change’ as that hole started out quite small back in the day.


Day 278 ~ Wonder. Nature’s Wonder Physalis alkekengi.  Also known as Chinese Lantern. I am always amazed by these plants that seem to decide when it is fall by just suddenly turning orange.  Find some wondeous fall foliage today….or just something wonderful!

Wondeous? I like it! Another work day for me and I was proper knackered when I got home. I couldn’t think of anything wondeous to do with change. However it came to mind we have had a change of furniture, i.e Sophie gave us the cat tree for Winnie and Lord Vincent. Winnie has claimed it as her own, and won’t let him on it, but when she was out he snuck up there, wondeous that he could fit on it! 🤣


Day 279 ~ Leaf. ~ Lori’s Phone Challenge:  1)Take your Leaf photos solely with the phone today. 2)Edit the images on your phone, don’t transfer them to the computer. 3)Try one editing app – if you just try one, I recommend Prisma to play with the pop art. 4) Play with it, have fun and see what you can create! 5)Post to the group on Facebook and/or Instagram right from your phone.

*Sigh* well at least it isn’t an AFAC. I found a leaf, shot it with the hipstamatic app on my phone. Tried a few different iterations with it and decided on this one. Didn’t post it to Facebook as I don’t post on there except for Happy Birthdays and the like to family, and I gave up Instagram as that’s AAF all by itself.


Day 280 ~ Bedtime. ~ Change can bring a sense of sadness sometimes.  That is especially true for me with the photo I’m sharing for our prompt of “bedtime” today.  Looking up at the bunkbed where my oldest slept while camping and seeing his not-so-small feet anymore is incredible to me.  Those 14-year-old feet are as big as his dad’s now.  Physically, I see this young man looking down at me (now that he towers over me) and at the very same time I still see my baby boy and that, my friends, will NEVER change.  I am proud and thrilled and excited to watch all my children grow into the amazing people they are becoming, but it’s fast…  faster than I ever could have expected.  And if I could change anything in this world, it would be that – just to slow time down a bit…  

Yes well, we’d all like time to slow down a bit I’m sure. But that’s no reason to use Bedtime as a prompt really. AAFP folks! As if I’m going to take a photo at 1am! 🙄 So I faked bedtime in the spare room and changed the duvet to the winter setting.

fake bedtime

but then after I finished, I spotted Winnie settling down on our bed, and she changes her sleeping places regularly, so I took a picture of her too. So a twofer for bedtime.


Day 281 ~ sparkling. My niece turned 40 this year.  Moving from one decade to another is always a big change and one that’s not always easy to accept!  I made this sparkly t-shirt and wine tumbler for her for her birthday.  I can’t wait to give it to her.  It will pair well with her sparkling personality. What sparkling way can you show change?

Sparkling is my favourite word, verb or adjective. I invented another new abreviation for a prompt! AWP! Got to give credit when it’s due, which isn’t often really. I had an instant idea and got lucky with the weather. Off I went in the Mint~Mobile to see the sparkly sea. The body of the sea itself wasn’t sparkly, but the tide was running back to it, and making lots of little rivulets and islands of smooth sand and the sun sparkled them all up. And it was constantly changing. I had a lovely time photographing it all. Best prompt yet!


Day 282 ~ Folded. We are exploring change this week. Are you a person who embraces change or resists it? How about in your photography?  Today’s prompt is “folded.” The example photo is a simple magazine that has been changed just by folding the pages. What can you change today by folding?  You can fold paper, or bend light, or even fold your body. What will it be?

What the dickens has ‘folded’ got to do with being a person who embraces or resists change? Anyone? Nope, me neither. 🙄 Anyway, I thought of doing a laundry shot, though I’ve done a similar one for an earlier prompt, but then I thought of origami, but have done a couple of paper boats before. So I decided to do a crane, it wasn’t easy, though the youtube tutorial said it was, so maybe I’m just bad at it, anyhow the crane was so shonky I decided to go back to the ironing shot. That was a change of mind! I am winning at change!


And that’s another week gone woo-hoo! What’s not woo~hoo is next week which, as you were probably expecting dear reader, is a sodding selfie week. Stay tooned 🥴.

41 thoughts on “365 ~October 3rd ~ 9th

  1. Is it me, or is every other week selfie week? Another weird week for prompts, but I did like Winnie’s bedtime and the leaf. I’m wondering if some of the ladies haven’t been enjoying a tipple while they’re writing up their prompts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What adult gets sad about bedtime? I mean, seriously? It has got to be my favorite part of the day.

    And when anyone says “this origami is easy” my experience leads me to believe that they are deliberately lying just to frustrate those of us who aren’t inclined that way….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I completely agree with your descriptions of all the prompts – my frustration is running high. That being said, you did really well!
    I love the colours on that pretty tree – such a good find.
    Phil’s jeans are very trendy, though I’m glad to hear he doesn’t go out in them 😉
    Lord Vincent looks quite regal but tentative!
    Your leaf is a beautiful photo – magazine worthy!
    I love your cozy guest room, but I especially love the light on Winnie! This one is my favourite! ❤️
    The sparkles are beautiful – I love any view of the seaside!
    Good job and good luck with the ‘selfie’ week – I’m already squirming! 😩

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yet another new word for me…I’m adding knackered to my vocab 🙂

    I’m late today, because I spent the day in Philadelphia with friends at an awesome exhibit called the “Van Gogh Immersive Experience.” It makes me think that Mindful is so cool it seems like a painting. I love Wonder and Leaf, but my favorite is Bedtime. Winnie looks likes she basking in a halo of soft light. Just look at that face and the blissful serenity it reflects. What a great capture, Fraggle!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That first one “mindful” is extraordinary and I’m also drawn to the “sparkling” water, absolutely beautiful. Love “bedtime,” and “wonder” for obvious reasons! To my favorite photographer, cheers, C

    Liked by 1 person

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