365 ~Sept 26th ~ October 2nd

This week it’s back to a colour theme, and this time it’s purple. I do like purple but don’t really possess much of anything with that colour, flowers come in handy this week. Not too bad a week, though still some eye-rolling prompts to get through!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt. Also, maybe swearing happens.

Day 269 ~ Statue. ~Today’s prompt may tax your brain and creativity. A purple statue? Now is the time to think out of the box. The statue doesn’t have to actually be purple (although that would be fabulous)! Perhaps you can drape something purple around the statue? Or you can stand with it while wearing purple? Find a purple prop to include in the shot? Get the idea? My sample photo was taken in downtown St. Louis. I loved all of the purple flowers reflecting on the statue. If you absolutely cannot figure this one out, think about something that stays very still (statue-like), and include the color purple!

This week Sophie came back from Spain (yay!) so wanted to do a photography trip and we chose today (Sunday) as the weather was forecast better than Saturday. The petrol crisis had just started, though I managed to get some easily, but I didn’t want to go too far just in case. Even so I decided Wynyard Country Park might be nice as we hadn’t been there before and it looked OK on the webpage. I suppose I should have gone looking for a statue but to be honest I know of no purple ones, nor would I ever disgrace myself by draping purple somethings over one. I haven’t got any purple clothes and it is NOT selfie week. But I managed to find a purple (ish) flower staying very still in front of a bunch of other purple (ish) flowers in the park, and figured that would do for me. I know, it’s a stretch. Purple statue indeed. Pfft. AAFP.


Day 270 ~ detail. ~Have you noticed how many different shades of purple there are?  Purples can lean toward blue or red or brown.  If you are a crafter like I am, you become keenly aware of all of the details in the purple possibilities when you are trying to find that perfect color combination for a project. Notice these details in the shades of purple that you encounter today.  Consider what makes each of them unique.  Which shades of purple do you prefer?  Photograph it!

A fab prompt, I like ‘details’ prompts, as I know the macro lens will do the job. Monday was the usual mad work day, so I again relied on flowers. I had some dying ones in a jug (I forget to top up the water 🥴) and one was a cream coloured rose with purple edges, so although this prompt wasn’t an AFAC I made an arty farty shot.


Day 271 ~ Unexpected. ~ It was unexpected that I came across some Stormtroopers trying to put the purple rubber band back into place.What unexpected thing can you find today that is purple?

What a load of tosh. The prompt-lady’s picture was of a rubber band ball with lego stormtroopers climbing up it. As far as I know lego stormtroopers are made of plastic and are not sentient beings, and if they were I don’t think they’d be climbing rubber band balls. Hardly unexpected when she obviously placed them there for the photo. 🙄 Such an AAFP and an AFAC to boot. Again it was a full on work day, and none of my clients presented with unexpectedly purple earwax. Luckily some Johnny-Jump-Ups that I thought had died out had resurrected themselves, as they do, a lot! and that was unexpected and purple.


Day 272 ~ Cloudy. ~ Purple skies are the result of the phenomenon called “scattering”.  Scattering of light by molecules of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere makes the sky blue. But the magical purple colour can form when the air is supersaturated with moisture and storm clouds hang low in the sky.  It is probably unlikely you will actually find a purple sky or clouds!  I was lucky in that my sky was a beautiful mauve.  However, with magic of Lightroom I was able to add a purple filter and ta da….purple skies for you and me! Find some clouds and see what kind of purple magic you can add. Or, find something purple to highlight in the clouds such as a kite, scarf, flag or flower!

Bliddy typical, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky when I got home from work. I’d bought a helium balloon with purple bits in it as I couldn’t be sure of a purple sunset but on top of no clouds, it was windy as Fuerteventura, or Chicago even, so my balloon went mad in the sky and it was nigh on impossible to catch it in a decent composition. Eventually some white fluffies arrived and I managed this shot.


and a shout out to Phil, who got out a step ladder, climbed it, and got my balloon up against the sky! My saviour again!


Day 273 ~ Grateful. Are you seeing Purple everywhere you look? I sure am!  Today let’s jazz up our photos by adding a quote or saying about gratitude! There are a lot of free apps with fun font choices.  Helpful Tip: When you compose your image place your subject on the thirds to allow plenty of space to place your text.  Looking forward to seeing the purple you will be grateful to find! 

I sure am not. This is a total AFAC and AAFP. I am not a fan of quotes written on photo’s, or song lyrics, there’s loads of them and ‘meme’s all over the internet, just not my thing at all. But I did it anyway.


Day 274 ~ Metal. ~ I hope you have better luck than I did finding purple metal today; if not, think of a purple background you can use with pretty metal in front.    

Well stiffen the wombats! A straightforward prompt. My gast is flabbered. It’s been a while. I have a lovely photo frame with a metal purple butterfly on it, and a picture of one of our loveliest cats, Skye, we still miss her.

Day 275 ~ Productive. I’ve often thought what would happen if graffiti artists were as productive in legal art projects as they were with their tagging pursuits. Would they be successful artists?  Graffiti takes a lot of talent.  I think it would be awesome to see what would happen if that talent was used in a more productive manner. Graffiti is usually quite colourful and can be interesting to see.  Since it’s purple week, I photographed some purple graffiti for today’s prompt.  Is there purple graffiti around your neighbourhood that you could snap a shot of today?  If not, what other way could you define productive?    .

I am thinking this lady has not visited Toronto or ever heard of Banksy. Also she sounds very judgemental. I’m sure if graffiti artists wanted to be mainstream artists they would be. “if that talent was used in a more productive manner”. Is art supposed to be done in a ‘productive’ manner?? Also ‘productive’ is just another AFAC and AAFP. Nope, no purple graffiti here and the weather is most inclement. I am not inclined to go out searching for it. Instead I decided taking the picture for today was being productive enough. I photo’d myself writing in my (fake)planner and had today’s prompt up on the screen of my laptop. I don’t actually use a planner, I know people do, and have lovely decorated to-do lists and ‘thought of the day’ in theirs. I bought mine a couple of years ago and managed a couple of weeks but I’m quite good at knowing what needs to be done without writing it down so gave up. Life’s too short.


So that’s another week done, not too bad on the whole I think. Next week is ‘Picture More’ week which is their way of saying a technical week, i.e ‘explore your creativity with a technical agenda’. Like fast and slow shutter speeds weeks were. Although I don’t quite get how the overiding theme of the week ‘change’ equals technical. Sounds more airy fairy to me. Never mind, onward dear reader, ever onward.. stay tooned 😊.

64 thoughts on “365 ~Sept 26th ~ October 2nd

  1. Ha! Well, I’d definitely say that first pic is a stretch for the “statue” prompt. But seeing as it was one of the weirdest prompts yet I can understand.

    I keep hearing about this “petrol crisis” thing in your benighted island. Are you rationing? Have prices gone way up? Are cars running out and being left abandoned by the roadside?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Basically dwindling pay, poor roadside conditions and post-Brexit immigration rules have led to a critical shortage of lorry drivers, consequently a few, and I do mean about 5 petrol stations had to close because they didn’t get their fuel delivered. The press then reported that as a crisis and so everyone went out panic buying petrol, causing long queues and fighting each other at petrol stations. Prices have consequently gone up and some places only allow you to buy £30 worth, but most are running normally. Haven’t seen any abandoned cars though. The army are being drafted in to deliver petrol in tankers tomorrow. The whole thing is mad.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. What a bunch of snobs, eh? Leaves ain’t good enough for ’em? Hehehehehe 😉
            What’s funny is that we’ve always bulk stored certain paper products so we just sat back and watched the madness…

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  2. Yup, Phil is gaining cult hero status, that pic captures him in action! These certainly look like ou’re brought out something speciial via purple, nice to remember Skye like that. Blurple is this week’s new work.

    In other news, there was something advertised on You Tube last night, think it was called the twizzler, but you stick it in your ears and everything you dodn’t need that’s in your head comes out ie change, fluff, hankies.

    Is this a robot come to replace you?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thankfully Booky has got it, yes the twizzle thing. It won’t replace me but it does make more work for me as it just pushes wax further down the ear canal, like q-tips do, and then they come to me to have it sorted. Sometimes they’ve damaged their ear canals with it too so I then refer them to their GP.

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  3. This was a fun post to read. I agree with Dix that Phil seems to be gaining momentum here. maybe we should elect him for something important, like Music Czar.

    Have you ever come across purple ear-wax? I wouldn’t think so, but since we’re talking about people, I guess anything is possible.

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  4. I think the rose is my favourite this week. Purple week was hard, but at least they saved it until week 39. It’s good that Sophie’s back. Does that mean that the lord and lady have left, or are they still deigning to grace your home?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We had a long email discussion and came to the conclusion the cats were better off staying with us as they are happy here, and it’s not good for them to be toggled between us in the long term. Sophie and I have been out today and she came to visit with them first and that will be ongoing. She was very happy to see them looking so well.

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  5. Your “gast is flabbered.” I love that phrase, Fraggle!
    I also loved Statue and Detail. And who can resist Phil proving himself a hero once again? I think the colors in Gratitude are so dramatic, but my favorite of the week is beautiful Skye in her butterfly picture frame!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I keep collecting phrases from you, LOL.

        That is so sad about Skye and Storm (what beautiful names). I lost two within 6 months of each other, too. McDoogal passed first, then Arafel. The vet told me she died of a broken heart because she’d lost her life companion. They had long lives and lived to 15 years. Now I have Raven 🙂

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  6. Well done to Phil – he does sterling work to aid your creativity. I like Rose best and the purple butterfly. Glad to hear the cats are staying with you as they must be really settled by now.

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  7. Love your handwriting, and I like much purple. It is nice too in neon street signs, although sometimes I suspect those are using filters to create a Blade Runner atmosphere. It is interesting how you found so much variety as I had just stuck in flowers : )

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  8. Beautiful pictures 👍 Great ideas to show purple.
    The problem with colours like purple is that there exists no clear definition of it. Actually, this a problem with all colors if one uses words. If you ask people to paint a monochrome purple picture you will get as different ideas of purple as there people painting. That was a standard experiment but they used the colour red as a prime colour. But with secondary colours it’s even worse. Therefore if you want to define a colour you use the CMYK percentages, meaning the proportions of the prime colours that mix to this secondary colour.
    By the way, purple was the most wanted colour in the classic world mostly produced around Carthago.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  9. I’m late to comment (my old MacBook died – moment of silence please – and I have been setting up the new one)

    I love your photos, even with the AFAC prompts!
    The purple-ish flower is lovely, you captured the sunlight hitting it beautifully.
    The rose on the sheet music is my favourite! Stunning!
    The little Johnny jump ups are cute – it’s rare to see them this late in the year.
    The balloon was inspired & I love the ‘behind the scenes’ look at hubby’s assistance.
    The candle is gorgeous – perfect lighting! Well done!
    The little butterfly on the picture frame is a great find.
    Your workspace looks so organized! Again, lovely!

    Good luck this week! 😊

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