365 ~ 15th ~ 21st August

This week we are back to the sodding selfie week, and not just selfies, but selfies that show your imperfections, so the theme is ‘perfectly imperfect’. Pfft. Why we need to show off our imperfections is beyond me, it’s bad enough trying to look nice on a selfie, why would you want to point out that you have not nice bits? I think the theme is to ’embrace our imperfections as we get older’ – self-acceptance, warts and all kind of thinking, but sod that for a game of soldiers, I’m going out kicking and screaming with my nails done, mascara on, and wearing a big hat! AFAC’s & AAFP’s abound this week people, be prepared!

Day 227 ~ Spontaneous. ~ We are back to Picture You Week.  Today, however, you get a break from taking a self portrait.  Instead, someone else is going to show us how they see you.  You likely will not end up with a photo that is perfectly exposed or composed, but you will see how others “picture you.” When we take photos of ourselves, we have the luxury of creating the image we want others to see, which may or may not be our perfectly imperfect true self.  This photo was taken by one of my best friends and favorite travel companions on a trip to Iceland.  He loves to capture me in odd positions trying to get just the right perspective on whatever my intended subject is.  These photos make me laugh.  And, more importantly, always stir wonderful memories of our travels together. Spend some time with someone else.  Ask them to take some spontaneous photos of you, with your camera or theirs.  A phone photo is fine.  Have them share their favorite image with you.  That will be your picture of the day.  Be sure to give the photographer credit when you share your image.

Straight into an AAFP!! Actually doubly AAF. Firstly, it’s MY photographic project, I”M supposed to take the bliddy photo’s. Secondly there’s nothing worse than doing a selfie than someone else taking a picture of you, and even worse if they are not a photographer! So I asked Phil to take some pictures of me when I wasn’t looking, and give me the one he liked best. When it got to 7pm and he hadn’t said anything I thought he’d forgotten, but he hadn’t, he’d just forgotten to tell me he’d done some. 🙄. Anyway this is the one he chose. I am suffering to post it. 🥴


Day 228 ~ View. ~ It is the self portrait day of the week, so let us get in front of the camera, and show ourselves as we are, everyone is perfectly imperfect, I do find it hard to get in front of the camera, even after all these years of taking a photo a day, some days are still easier than others. I love this distorted view of myself with Jasper, (a dog) the mirror is to help people see the traffic coming but it is convex, so can make for some fun images.  I am sure that my hips aren’t that big! Show us a reflection of yourself that makes you smile.

Another AAFP because there’s no reflection of myself that makes me smile. I don’t go round smiling into mirrors like some vacuous reality TV bint, sigh. Anyway I had a pants day at work so couldn’t do much. I set up my tripod in the conservatory and struck a few silly poses when the sun broke through and gave me enough light. I look like I’m the bush monster again.


Day 229 ~ Assistance. ~ You’ve got a friend in me! Today is all about assistance.  Who do you have to help you out and give you a hand?  Ron is very helpful around the house and garden and takes direction very well too! He is quite perfect whilst I am the imperfect one. I’m not bossy, I’m organized.  Are you the assistant or the ‘assistee’? Show us how you help assist others or how others assist you.

Not a bad one from Mrs. Cocktail-Dress, at least I could think of something straight away. Phil is compiling a history of his parents time in the Army during WW2, his Dad was in the infantry and his Mum a Nurse, and they wrote each other many letters during the war years, plus he has their service records. I am assisting by doing research and typing it all up for him. We’ve a long way to go yet!


Day 230 ~ Feet. ~ It is the repeating prompt “Where I Stand” and our word for the day couldn’t be more perfect…Feet! On Wednesday’s, I get to start my workday off at the Outer Banks Arboretum & Teaching Garden.  Here I stand in the middle of the Butterfly Garden hoping to spot a chrysalis. Keep it simple! Where did you stand today!

Another straightforward one, phew! I was at work and then supermarket shopping and as I’d done one at work before and didn’t want to get arrested in Morrisons, I did mine at home. Lord Vincent was a willing accomplice.


Day 231 ~ Light-hearted. So who among us isn’t imperfect? Instead of being apologetic about our shortcomings, let’s celebrate them! Maybe we don’t always get that horizon straight, or we cut off the top of someone’s head in a portrait, or—horrors!—we missed our intended focus. Or maybe there’s something personal about us that isn’t quite perfect—a broken fingernail, maybe, or a bruise that we earned on the trampoline with our children or grandchildren. Maybe even a “fix” that isn’t exactly “by the book,” but one that works anyway, in its own unique way! Take some time today to show us your cheerful approach to the things in your world that are less than perfect, but way more interesting—and fun—because of that!

This lady had posted a picture of herself in her spectacles, held together with a safety~pin. The mind boggles dear reader. Let’s celebrate our shortcomings she says, well no actually, let’s not. I decided to ‘fix’ them instead. Grey hair, dark eye circles, saggy jowls, double chin, turkey neck all fixed nicely I think. It was fun!


Day 232 ~ Pattern. ~ One of the things I’ve learned from this group is that buying yourself flowers is never a bad idea.  I love having fresh flowers in the house.  They lift my spirits.  They also make good subjects for my photographs.  Even as flowers age and dry out, they still make for beautiful photos. The petals in flowers present such lovely patterns.  This faded rose from days gone by (and it’s not even song lyrics day) is no exception.  The leaves are a bit withered and crinkled but the pattern is still evident.  It is an imperfect rose that is still perfectly beautiful. What perfectly imperfect pattern can you find today?

Wait what?? WTAF? Is this even anything to do with a sodding selfie?? We did patterns last week, it was pants! She wasn’t even in her own photo, just a rose and wiffling on about flowers! I had to invent a new acronym for this one, CBBP. (Completely bliddy barking prompt). So I put my thinking cap on and then thought of my adventure hat which I wear (wore) on photography outings when Sophie and I (used to) go off on shoots at the weekends.


Day 233 ~ Imagine. ~ Today we finish up our Picture You week with the prompt “imagine.” I hope you have enjoyed capturing the imperfections that make you who you are. You are perfectly designed to be you! What could be better? Each of us in this community is perfectly imperfect and together we make an absolutely perfect group! For my example image, I used a panning technique. I feel like it gives the photo that “dream like” quality that I can identify with when imagining. How will you imagine yourself today?

And finishing up on an AFAC, no surprise. No I haven’t enjoyed capturing my imperfections, what IS all this claptrap ‘perfectly designed to be you’ ‘perfectly imperfect’ FFS this week has been like being trapped in a self help therapy group for insecure teenage girls with pimples. I don’t need to be perfect and I don’t need to focus on how I am not! Oops my moanfest has developed into a rant. Anyway, I played the game of ‘imagine’ and imagined a great any things, none of which were photographable without time travel and a never ending supply of dosh in my bank account, so I settled for imagining I was back in 2019, in Tuscany and not just looking at the booklet I made about it. It was a grotty rainy day here. Not winning at perfectly imperfect and don’t give a monkeys about that.


Well thankfully that’s over, and it’s now Sunday and my birthday today, yippee, another year closer to death 🥴 though it won’t be anything special, ironing and getting sorted for work on Monday. Next week we are doing double-exposures, which I’m quite looking forward to as I haven’t really done much of that before. Stay tooned!

49 thoughts on “365 ~ 15th ~ 21st August

  1. Very few of us enjoy seeing photos of ourselves. But others think they capture us well, or we look good, or whatever. I like to see the photos of you, and the one in the hat is full of character.
    Great to hear Phil has those letters and service records, they are something to treasure indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The bush monster made me laugh, which is unfortunate as I’m eating muesli.

    I like to imagine that I’m in Italy rather more than is good for me. One day we’ll be able to go back.

    You look very glam in your hiding your imperfections moment.

    Happy Birthday

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on another year at the very top of the blogging and photography world!

    Great support from Lord Vincent, but also a fine set of pics, even if you, like me, are not mad about posing.

    Have the best of days!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Do you know the Sad Happy Birthday song sung in a minor key? Here are the words to cheer you up:

    Happy Birthday,
    Happy Birthday,
    Pain and sorrow in the air,
    people dying everywhere,
    happy birthday,
    happy birthday.

    And if you’ve not heard it, here’s a link so you can hear it as well:

    Great stuff eh? 😀

    Mrs B really likes the look of those fuzzy slippers…..

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  5. I like the pictures, Phils secret one as well, and especially the ‘feet’ pic with the cat curiously looking up. Nice slippers! 🙂 We all get older (‘m 138) and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And congratulations Fraggle! Make it a happy day.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This has been tough week indeed! The prompts…enough said!!! All this considered, you did very well.
    I like the spontaneous picture, well done Phil!
    The reflection in the bush is great! (be one with the bush) 😉
    I love the fact you are keeping the history of Phil’s parents and the photo is a good one of you together;
    Sir Vincent to the rescue! He does have a very regal expression (great slippers!);
    My absolute favourite is you in your specs & hat! Smashing!!!
    I don’t know about the prompts – they seem to be getting worse – pattern!?! (Even I had my hand in the shot!) But, I like the safari look!
    Dreams of Italy sound fabulous…I love the foggy window!

    Lastly – Happy Birthday! I hope you are celebrating in style. I shall raise a glass and toast your good health! xoxo

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  7. I’m with you on the nails, the mascara, and everything else. I HATE having my photo taken and selfies are the worst, so yeah, I’m all for hiding the imperfections.
    I think you did an excellent job with these, creative as always. I think the one Phil took is very cool, Lighthearted is so much fun, Lord Vincent is always a winner, but my favorite is Imagine. I think that one is just stunning. Yeah, stunning. Consider me chuffed about it! 😉

    Happy Birthday, Fraggle. May it be a good one!

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  8. Happy birthday, dear Fraggle! After seeing this post, you are more inspiring than ever. Part of my debilitating “stuff” is not wanting to be seen. My own imperfections are impossible to ignore. Not only are all these photos marvelous, they’re perfect. I especially like the partial reflection one, and the view beyond the raindrops. Crystal shouts out a big meow to the handsome Lord Vincent. Hugs on the wing.


  9. Hello, dear fragglerocking, I say this because these series feels like a hello from you to your readers. Your eyes transmit the same determination I perceive in your photos. A belated happy birthday ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Okay, I applaud you’re bravery Fraggle, I’m not a fan of self-portraits either. I really love the one of you in the hat when you’re taking a picture, the light-hearted is also a favorite, and the shot through the rain streaked window! I love how your use of humor with all things! Delightful week! C

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Happy belated birthday 🎉 🎈love your selfies❣️Last week I urgently needed ID photos and started with an online order taking selfies at home which was a hilarious fiasco. I ended up in a photo booth at Morrison’s and honestly, I doubt I’ll ever reach the age to match the look 🙄 you look splendid 😊 and so does your ginger nails 😍

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