365 ~ 8th ~ 14th August

We are doing a week of patterns, and so far it’s not going well people. Apart from prompt free day we are coping with AFAC’s (airy fairy abstract concept) and AAFP’s (annoying as fek prompts). When I say ‘we’, I mean ‘I’ but you have to cope with reading about them, so we’re all in this together. After a lovely blue week, this is a bit of a downer but I’ve struggled womanfully onwards and here we are. Sigh.

Day 220 ~ Bliss. ~Today we begin Picture More week with our added challenge of “Patterns.” There are patterns around us everywhere and I think we are going to have fun incorporating them into our photos this week. Patterns can be colorful, textural, repeating, scattered….  the possibilities are endless. Today’s prompt word is “bliss” which means “complete happiness.” As I was passing through the house one day, I saw the crepe myrtle colors showing through the door window. I grabbed my camera and loved how the colors worked through the patterns in the window. Noticing small things every day makes me very happy. What makes you happy? Show it in patterns! It is going to be a beautiful week in the 365 Picture Today Gallery!

Bliss FFS! This has the dual accolade of being an AFAC and an AAFP. I don’t do bliss, it’s a ridiculous word and makes me think of people speaking in tongues or suchlike. The dictionary definition is ‘supreme happiness’. Patterns do not make me supremely happy. So I shot the cat. Winnie is a supremely happy cat, she makes me smile, and has a wonderful symmetrical patterned fur coat. Worked for me.


Day 221 ~ Night. ~ Macro photography gives us the opportuity to make small details bigger than life.  Photographing the moon is not macro photography, but it sure is a fantastic night time subject and allows us to see the amazing patterns on the moon’s surface.  Unfortunately, tonight only a tiny sliver of the moon will be visible.  If you are feeling brave, and the weather cooperates where you are, try to capture some of the details of tonight’s crescent moon. If shooting the moon isn’t possible where you are, find an interesting light in the night sky, perhaps a sign or someone with a flashlight, and give it your best shot.

Another AAFP. It doesn’t get really dark here until 10-10.30pm, I had a helluva day at work with another one on the cards for the next day, and had to get up early for that. It was cloudy here so no moon and I wasn’t about to go traipsing round the streets looking for someone with a flashlight. I should have thought harder and been more creative but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, so I set up the tripod and camera in the garden and when it got really dark ran out and took a picture of the Fraggle Towers Illuminations. Not sure it’s a pattern, but it will have to do. My shed looks pretty 😊.

Day 222 ~ Impressive. ~ After a couple of days of Pattern Week, are you seeing patterns everywhere? I know I am. I love old buildings and often look at them and notice the pattern that was used to make the building pleasing to the eye.  The window copies the pattern of the arches, which when standing in the right place you can see how the pattern works. What is an impressive pattern to you?

Well no actually I’m not seeing patterns everywhere. I’m seeing a ton of earwax daily though. I was quite knackered when I got home from work, so fell back on my mosaics which are of course made of patterns. This is a table top I designed, and then mosaicked and as I’m quite chuffed with it I think that counts as impressive.


Day 223. ~ Prompt Free Days often bring to mind the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”  Some days, we feel restricted by the prompt, but on other days, no specific prompt makes us feel lost by having no point of departure. Think about these prompt free days as a check-in as to how this project is changing you. What do you notice that you would have overlooked previously? What small moments in you day now feel bigger and call to be documented? Today is a blank canvas for which all of the other prompts have prepared you. Keep our eyes open and have fun!

I fannied on with different patterned stuff in the shed for ages and this is the best of the (mediocre) bunch. Wasn’t all that happy with any of it so even prompt-free became an AAFP this week. Sigh.

prompt-free ~ patterns

Day 224 ~ Shiny. ~ Are you noticing new patterns in familiar places? I sure am!  Today we are going to up the challenge by asking you to incorporate some shine into your hunt for patterns! I promise that once you start looking, there are shimmery patterns everywhere! Maybe it’s your journal cover, some car rims in the parking lot, the office building on the corner, a sparkly purse at the store, or the tile backsplash in your kitchen. I can’t wait to see all the shine you find today! 

Another AAFP. No, I’m not noticing new patterns in familiar places, and that’s a stupid promise as there’s no sunshine here and no shimmery patterns. My journal cover is leather, I don’t live in a parking lot, and there’s no office buildings around here or sparkly purses at our Londis. I have matt tiles in the kitchen. Luckily Shelley visited with our beautiful grandaughter Liddy who brought her colouring book full of patterns to do. She told me she was ‘having a sparkly life’ which made me smile, and then I thought, our Liddy shines like a diamond, and lights up our hearts.


Day 225 ~ Tree. ~ I tried guys!  I tried to find trees that were growing in natural patterns.  I had been looking for months and just could not find anything that made much sense.  SO, I decided to collect leaves from some of our native trees and create my own pattern using the bark of a tree as my background.  I think this was as close as I could get to using the word “tree” along with a pattern.  Maybe you have some trees in your life that stand out as a perfect tree pattern; if not, try what I did and collect some leaves from your native trees and show us what they look like in your neck of the woods.  From left to right, I believe I have a pattern of aspen, elm, maple, red oak, and repeat.

This was quite a nice prompt I thought, and as we haven’t any perfect tree patterns anywhere around here I did as she advised. I took a walk over to the swampland across the road, and took a leaf or two from every tree I saw on the way there. Then I made them into a couple of tree patterns. Sort of. And I know dog rose isn’t a tree really, but the one I took the branch from was really tall and deserved to be a tree.


And so to an ignominius end.

Day 226 ~ Observant. ~ It’s scavenger hunt time again!  I love these prompts.  Today’s word is observant.  As you go about your day today be on the lookout for something that fits for the words below and grab a photo of it.  Once you’ve taken your photos arrange them in a collage.  How observant are you today?

I do not love these prompts. The scavenger hunts are monumental AAFP’s as far as I’m concerned. I think a lot of 365ers take pictures in advance throughout the week which makes sense because running around doing 9 photo’s in a day is a bit of a bind, but that’s what I do, sigh. I wasn’t observant at all, actually I was a bit as I had a trip to Lidl and observantly found the heart, but the rest of the shots I took at home, with stuff I knew I had.

This is what we had to observe, under the weeks theme of pattern.

  1. colourful
  2. heart
  3. fuzzy
  4. wheel
  5. something that fits in your hand.
  6. with words
  7. delicate
  8. healthy
  9. round.

So that’s that then. I’m not winning at patterns, but never mind, I can’t be amazing at everything. Next week is sodding selfie week, I’m nearly looking forward to it after this week, but really I’m not. Sigh.

Stay tooned for another moanfest. πŸ₯΄

59 thoughts on “365 ~ 8th ~ 14th August

  1. I feel your pain. Those prompts are dreadful. They seemed designed to make something concrete like patterns utterly unworkable. The photos are much better than the prompts deserve. Winnie is gorgeous as usual and even at night your shed looks much nicer than mine. Liddy made me smile, which is a good start to the rest of the day.

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  2. So I shot the cat.
    That doesn’t sound like you at all! More like me πŸ˜‰

    I really liked that picture of the mosaic. What material is it made from?

    That coloring book that your granddaughter is using is just the kind Mrs B loves too. She likes designs more than pictures.

    Battening down the hatches for another moan’easter! I’d just take pictures of your middle finger and MAKE it fit the prompt πŸ˜‰

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  3. It looks, to me, like a win for the week. Winnie’s face has wonderful symmetry. The siding on the shed with the lights on the path look like patterns to me. The mosaic on your table is beautiful. The picture with the story of Liddy and her “sparkly life” are full of delight. Your creative response to the tree prompt is spot on. I always enjoy seeing your responses to the prompts, air-fairy, annoying or otherwise.

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  4. I feel your pain – I am increasingly disappointed with the prompts! That being said, I love all your photos!
    Winnie is the epitome of bliss, and I love the patterns in her fur (she is beautiful)
    Your she-shed is lovely; quite dreamy at night. The path lights look a little like a runway! Very cool.
    I am so impressed with your mosaics – you are one talented lady!
    The seashells are beautiful; they remind me of happy morning walks on the Gulf Coast of Florida!
    Your granddaughter is beautiful – out of the mouths of babes – hopefully, we can all have a sparkly life!
    I love your clever tree! Well done, you! πŸ˜„
    Your collage is outstanding! I love everything about it.

    I’m not looking forward to selfie week again! Sigh!

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  5. Winnie’s expressive face excludes bliss, and you’re right, she has a lovely pattern in her coat. Then again, she’s just lovely. I really liked Impressive, Shiny and Tree, too.
    You should be chuffed about that table you did. It’s awesome, and I’m chuffed that you’re chuffed. πŸ™‚
    Have I ever mentioned how much I love the word “chuffed?” I wish Americans used it.

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  6. I read “I’m not winning at patterns” precisely when I was thinking these patterns are winners as they are not that common and look very true slices of life. : D Thank you, fragglerocking.

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  7. The only people you see out at night with flashlights are people burying bodies in the woods, so you may want to avoid them! I love your shed and garden lights, we do something similar in our gardens. It does sound like a tough challenge, but you got some nice shots.

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  8. P.S. also…you crack me up with “sodding selfies” whenever you mention that. I swear, one of these days, I’m going to get my thoughts in order and execute the self-portrait class I’ve been wanting to do. I will want you to do it with me! ❀️

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