365 ~ 4th ~ 10th July

This week is another Colour week, and we are having adventures in Green. Green is not one of my go-to colours, it’s nice for plants an’all, but other than that isn’t of much interest to me, also I read through the prompts for the week and found myself groaning, more AFAC’s (arty farty abstract concepts) to deal with, so it hasn’t been the best of weeks photographically speaking.

Anyway, onwards with my offerings.

Day 185 ~ Lace. ~ Lace is usually white or cream, but if you have some green lace go ahead and take a photo.  If, like me, you don’t have any, then think out of the box, this is a field of corn and I think the leaves give a lacy feel. Let us see what you come up with for Lace today!

Well this one was straightforward, I used a lacy overcoaty thingy for a dress I never wear.


Day 186 ~ Empathy. ~ Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. I was struggling to find my grandson’s smile on a particularly hard day for him. I gave him a mood ring.  The ring had a brown stone in it and he was fascinated when I told him it changed colour with his mood.  Sure enough, it turned from brown to yellow.  “What does yellow mean Granny?”  “Damon it means you are mellow-yellow and feeling fine!” He liked that and a small smile appeared.  But then, it turned to green!  “What does green mean Granny?”  “It means you are happy Damon”, “Would you like to wear it Granny and we can both be happy?”  So much empathy from his young soul. And with that our day was complete. Green is the colour of tranquility and tranquility was what he needed on this day. 

Seriously??? Empathy in green?? A gold medal AFAC from Mrs.Cocktail Dress who I was getting to like after her last prompt or two. Sigh. It was a hard day at work for me, and the clinic manager is about as empathetic as a dead gnu, so I wasn’t feeling it at all when I got home. Had a cuppa, and forgot about stressing and this idea popped into my head. So I did it.


Day 187 ~ Full. ~ Don’t you just love color week? I’m always surprised by what catches my eye and even more surprised at the things I hadn’t noticed before I was on the hunt for a particular color! Since today’s word is FULL –  let’s fill every inch of the frame with green!  I can’t wait to see what you’ve been overlooking while waiting for Green Week!

Another mega day at work, I should stop with that as it’s an ongoing thing now, doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon. I’m getting more and more clients in wiith actual ear problems rather than wax, but the GP’s surgeries are still not seeing people, or they’re having to wait so long for an appointment so they come to me. I do the best I can and refer back to the GP by letter when I find a real problem. Anyway I digress. Full is what we have to do. I figured the view from our bedroom window is particularly greenful at this point in time.


Day 188 ~ Adventurous. ~ What a perfect color to capture today’s prompt of adventurous!  I took this photo in early spring, and I found that a low point of view was going to be best to capture as much green as I could. Today, try to capture your adventure at a low point of view.  It really does draw your eyes to your subject in a neat way!   Don’t forget to capture as much green as you can too!  

Well my only adventure was going to work and this afternoon going for a dental appointment. The dentist doesn’t have green livery or I’d have shot that! I went stalking Winnie as she is always off on adventures around where we live.


Day 189 ~ Door. ~ I love photographing doors.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting and unique doors when I’m out and about.  When I travel, I love to find doors that are unique to the specific culture and show the architecture of that country.  I think doors can be so beautiful. This door leads into the cellar at a historical building at a site not far from me.  It’s a fairly plain door but the stonework around it fascinated me and I was immediately drawn to it.  Fortunately for me is was a lovely shade of green! What unique and interesting door can you find today?  As it’s colour week, try and find a green door.  If you can’t find a green door, include some greenery or something else green in your photo.

I had to take Phil to the Sunderland Eye Hospital today as he was in for lazer treatment for his poorly eyes, so that took a fair bit of the day up, but I went for a walk when we got home as I knew and had photographed a well cool door on the outskirts of our estate. It belongs to Woodbine House, a remnant of when Wardley was a pit village. It used to be a Post Office and then the British Legion club. Last time I went it was a bit dilapidated but had a crusty front door with peeling green paint I thought would be cool. But when I got there some bugger had bought it, done it up and painted the front door a hideous bland blue/grey. Sigh. So I took a picture of the only green door I could find on the modern side on my way home.


Day 190 ~ Challenge. ~ What is a challenge for you? We all face challenges of some kind. It could be a mental challenge, a physical challenge or an emotional challenge. This photo represents all of the above to me. Hiking on a trail, having to navigate water and obstacles. How do you get around or through it?  Can my body even do it? How do I face my emotional fear? You can share details of your struggles or keep it simple. It’s up to you how vulnerable you want to be with the prompt. It’s green week so it might be a “challenge” to even incorporate the color in your image.

Blimey that’s all a bit intense. I’m not sharing anything about my ‘struggles’ or ’emotional fears’, mainly because I don’t have any, and if I did I wouldn’t be plastering them all over ruddy Instagram. 🙄 I had to take Phil to his hospital at South Shields to hand in his sick certificate, and we went into town after to the flea market there. I challenged myself to find something green and pretty to take a picture of. I found this lovely little vintage mint perfume atomiser made out of Caithness glass, which is made in Crieff, Perthshire which is somewhere in Scotland but no-where near Caithness. It cost me £5 and when I looked up Caithness Glass found one in Etsy just the same selling for £25! Bargain! I’m winning at green!


Daay 191~ magic. ~ Today is my anniversary, a day when I take a stroll down memory lane to the magical moments that Weber and I have shared.  One of my favorite things to do in my daily photos is to try to document the emotions of my day.  Some days, I can do that with a photo only.  Other days, words come to me first and, in turn, inspire the photo.  That was the case here.  I love this quote and it seemed quite appropriate for the day’s emotions.  Thinking about the words sent me on the hunt for something that, for me, represented an angel’s wing.  All of the green makes the image feel so magical and alive .How do you see and feel magic?  If words inspire you, include a quote with your photo.  

Well dear reader, you can imagine, I didn’t know whether to blaspheme or just swear like a navvy, so I did both. 🥴 ‘Angels wings’, pfft! I am designating this another Gold medal AFAC, that’s 2 in one week, the ladies have outdone themselves. Anyway this is what I cobbled together for it.


Thankfully that’s the end of green week. Stay tooned for the next week when we are having adventures in points of view>

69 thoughts on “365 ~ 4th ~ 10th July

  1. ‘I’m not sharing anything about my ‘struggles’ or ’emotional fears’, mainly because I don’t have any, and if I did I wouldn’t be plastering them all over ruddy Instagram.’

    ….is the correct answer. I have to say that the final image doesn’t bowl me over, but the garden, Winnie and the bear are all crackers in a good way.

    My granny lived in Crieff, and my aunt is still there.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The empathetic teddy brought a tear to my eye. It’s a lovely photo. I also like the green bottle; it’s worth a fiver of anyone’s money.

    I’m sorry work is rubbish at the moment. I spend a fair amount of time sitting in the car park at our GP’s surgery and it does seem to be the nurses who do all the face-to-face stuff with patients, since they’re the ones who collect and show out the patients, although we have seen a doctor twice in the last couple of months.

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    1. Sorry for the late reply I didn’t get the notification 🙄 GP’s have stopped doing a lot of things since covid, I am picking up the slack for wax removal, but people with real problems are getting left behind.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is how good our GP is. I called the surgery yesterday for an appointment for him to phone, knowing that he doesn’t work Thursday. He called first thing and made an appointment for the aged and frail parent to see him on the way back from his appointment with a nurse at the other surgery this afternoon. An hour or so later the GP was on the doorstep to save Dad the bother of going to both surgeries. Fortunately the new problem isn’t life-threatening.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m just thankful you didn’t take any pictures of green ear wax. I kept waiting for some just as a reaction to all the AFAC thoughts from the prompters. How do you deal with that kind of thing every week?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Green is my favorite color, so raspberries for you LOL. You definitely won with the color, especially the atomizer and the lace which represent for me those long gone estrogen ridden days of yore. 🙂

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  5. As usual, I love all your photos, though the teddies & perfume atomizer are my favourites. I feel that we are on the same page with the prompts – my hubby wonders why I continue when he is listening to my gripes. (but I just have to finish what I started!) I’m already throwing up my hands in despair over some of next week’s directives….. Good luck and thank you, as you always put a smile on my face. Cheers! xoxo

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  6. You may not be a fan of green, but I love it. After blue, it’s my favorite.
    I think you captured it beautifully with these shots, Fraggle. I really love Empathy and Challenge, but the showstopper for me is Adventurous. You can’t beat a cat in fluid motion. Bravo!

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  7. Fraggle, you slay me with “arty farty abstract concepts”. By the time I got to your final remarks, I was gusting out laughing.
    My favorites: the lace photo made cool effects, and I love the color. That perfume bottle image — it’s gorgeous, and makes me think of a very classy vintage magazine ad photo. Hugs.

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  8. The last challenge, about looking for green magic, is rather a task for agents Mulder and Scully xP I guess green magic to me would be to find a leaf promising spring at the end of winter, or so. Very difficult indeed.

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  9. Green is not my favourite colour either. Love Winnie’s green eyes, the lace and your creativity, Fragigle as well as your humour, even in hard times.
    Hope work gets better and Phil’s eyes too. X

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