365 ~ April 18th ~ 24th

This week we are on a composition week, ‘fill the frame’. What does that mean I hear you ask. Well maybe I don’t but I’m going to tell you anyway. When you fill the frame with your subject, you fill the photograph with the subject. So you’re making a clear statement of what’s most important in the photo. As it takes up most, if not all, of the image the viewer is immediately drawn to your subject. So there you have it. Not very complicated and I think I had an OK week. Give or take. SO onwards to the prompts and pics!

Day 108 ~ Goal. How can you use photography to showcase a goal you may have? Maybe the goal is your photography and maybe that means that you are creating a gorgeous photo album to enjoy for years to come.  Maybe your goals require a completely different subject like a musical instrument, textile work, crochet needles, or even food (just to name some examples of things I have seen in our amazing and talented community).I am excited to see the goals you all have – just remember to fill the frame! 

This one was easy. Last year with the plague and all, we didn’t get to any garden centres and consequently didn’t have lots of flowers in pots like I usually have. So this year we’ve gone a bit mental to make up for it. Phil is doing his hanging basket thing, which is quite labour intensive and complicated by the looks of it all, and I’ve got lots of colourful flowering plants to put in my pots, so that’s my goal, to have flowers everywhere, and we spent this day planting up everything.


Day 109. ~ Fence. What unique fence will you come across today in your travels?  Find an interesting angle or portion of a fence.  Make it the focus of your photo and fill the frame.

Today was a work day but with the evenings being lighter now, it makes things easier. I decided to shoot the fence of the house across the way from us that backs on to the path between the houses, it has lots of colourful berries and foliage so thought it would make a nice shot.


Day 110. ~ Express. Today we are going to express ourselves in a photo. This is also “Fill the Frame” in Picture Style Week. I love to express myself with flower photography. It conveys what my heart is feeling when words are hard to speak. How do you express yourself in photography? With your kids or grandkids? Pets? Flowers? Nature? Fill the frame with photography that expresses you.

Well I knew straight forward prompts had to end at some point, and here we are. another basically do what you feel day. Actually it wasn’t hard to figure out what to do as today was our wedding anniversary, and when I got up to get ready for work I discovered a lovely card and beautiful flowers from Phil. When I got home I photographed one of the gorgeous roses and added some texture to give it an arty farty feel.


Day 111. ~ Prompt Free Day. Think about these prompt free days as a check-in as to how this project is changing you. What do you notice that you would have overlooked previously? What small moments in YOUR day now feel bigger and call to be documented?Today is a blank canvas for which all of the other prompts have prepared you.Keep your eyes open and have fun!

Hmm I’m beginning to think someone’s a bit lazy at choosing the prompt! We all know by now I’m going to photograph a cat on these days! Here’s Winnie filling the frame.


Day 112.~ 4 o’clock. We are filling the frame at 4 o’clock! What are you doing at 4 o’clock and don’t forget to fill the whole frame up with what you are up to.

This was Thursday, my first day off and is always a chores and laundry day so I can spend the next 3 days in carefree abandonment or similar. I’d just finished the ironing at 4 o’clock.

4 o’clock

Day 113. ~ Powerful. Powerful objects grant those that wield them untold powers and strength.  Examples in our daily lives are tools such as hammers, sporting equipment, vehicles, common household appliances and even instruments of knowledge such as books and computers.  I couldn’t help myself from hiking into a field in 3 feet of snow when I spied an antique combine.  I walked all around it and was marvelled by the power of this magnificent beast.  I took a lot of macros of its inner works because the workmanship is astounding and the patina too hard to pass up. The power these combines gave to our farmers is also a powerful thought!What can you find today that is a powerful tool in your life.  Remember, it is “fill the frame’ week so get in really close and personal and show us your POWER.

This prompt is from the lady who feels fierce in Harley Davison motorcycle leathers and wants to swim in a pond in golden hour. I am thinking she may be a little bonkers. What is my power I wondered. Sigh. Removing ear wax from people is my superpower, but I can’t take pictures of that. I settled on the phrase  “ipsa scientia potestas est” from Sir Francis Bacon’s Meditationes Sacrae and is latin for ‘knowledge itself is power’ as I know how to take a photograph from all the books on it I’ve read.


Day 114. ~ Fuzzy. Fuzzy is defined by having a frizzy, fluffy, or frayed texture or appearance.The opportunities are endless. Trust me! Take a quick look at what you’re wearing, the furnishings around you, or what’s out in nature – like these fuzzy and rather fluffy little weeds I spotted along the sidewalk.A few things to consider when shooting textures; consider different angles, light and distance from the subject. Remember it’s fill the frame week so get in close and show off yours subject’s fuzziness! 

This was fortuitous as I’d bought white flowers for last weeks ‘white’ week, they included some willow catkins, which are well fuzzy.


So that wasn’t too bad a week, not much to moan about and I quite enjoyed it. Next week we are returning to sodding selfie week, deep joy, so stay tooned for that.

51 thoughts on “365 ~ April 18th ~ 24th

  1. Fuzzy my favourite this week. Also, who knew a fence could be so interesting? Is that just a Gateshead thing, or are fences that interesting all around the world and we’re not looking?

    Also, I’m no psychologist or doctor with degree, but it don’t take too much IQ to see that woman who writes prompts is slightly eccentric, shall we say…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am now trying to think of the last time I actually ironed anything. Must be last Christmas, when I ironed a shirt to wear to go and eat in the restaurant.
    Nice choices for the challenges, FR.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Have tou thought about contrinuting to the world’s top itroning blog? They’re always looking for pictures like these.

    Nice to see Winnie having a nap, a small moment that needs to be seen bigly.

    So the books are the size of a house, and that’s you and Winnie beside them? Great use of perspecive here! Ten out of ten for this assignment, and nice to know Phil did a good job on the anniversary! Pats on the back all round!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You had a busy week – and then to spend the day off work with a busy day of laundry. Sorry to see the surge will hamper your joy for flowers. Beautiful set of images. The fence certainly has color. Winnie looks so peaceful demonstrating the definition of quiet. The rose image caused by to gasp. Wow! Have a good week ahead. …. PS: Thanks for the images, will be examing them soon.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Hello! Another great week!
    I love all your photos but especially like Winnie – in my next life, I want to be a cat. They truly know how to relax. She looks like she just melted like a Dali painting.
    The rose & fuzzy both take my breath away! Beautiful!
    I’ve taken note of some of your books, and love the Lego people, so cute.
    I love fences too, I used to be part of a group called “Fence Friday.”
    I, too, and ‘girding my loins’ so to speak for selfie week. Good luck, to you as well.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. These are all quite a treat for the senses, Fraggle! I could just “see” and “feel” what they showcase: the scent of all the gorgeous flowers; your napping cat just begs to be softly petted at our peril; the fuzzy soft catkins; running my hands along freshly ironed clothing and the books! Congrats on your wedding anniversary!

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  7. Other than the awesome visual aspects, I loved Express for the sentiment behind it, Winnie because, well–a cat, how can you go wrong?– and Fuzzy because of the soft glow. I want to escape into that photo. Wishing you a happy anniversary, Fraggle. Thanks for another day of awesome shots!

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  8. What a great array of filling the frame. You have some fab shots here, and I will say I enjoyed them all. As far as my photography, it is non compos mentis for now . . . .

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  9. Are you almost complaining about having nothing to moan about?…. I think the result is some lovely images. Of course the rose is gorgeous (and a belated Happy Anniversary). Personally I also enjoyed the books, maybe because I have all but one in my library (don’t even know about Instant Love).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Otto. I got Instant Love as it was useful when I started using a Polaroid SX-70. I have a few more books not on show here. It was quite strange having nothing to moan about, but it’s OK it was sodding selfie week this week and I moaned plenty!

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