365 ~ 28th March ~ 3rd April

Hi guys, this week is the sodding selfie week, and I find I’m taking a perverse pleasure in keeping as little of myself in the picture as is possible, whilst still following the prompts. I’ve checked out other peoples contributions on the Instagram page and am quite appalled at the amount of people who completely neglect to put any bits of themselves in the shot at all. I mean, come on, cheaters! Anyway onwards!

Day 87~ New. Where I Stand is a monthly prompt that we repeat throughout the year.  The idea is to include your feet, either taking the photo looking down or putting your camera on a tripod and taking a photo of just your lower half. What do you have that is new in your life, that you should include in your photo?  Put it next to where you stand and show us.

I didn’t have anything new unless we count some pitta breads and a bottle of milk, which I don’t, so made do with my latest purchases from Amazon and Ebay, though they are a few weeks old now. Some woolly socks, and a watch.

New (ish).

Day 88. Apparel. Don’t be into trends.  Don’t make fashion own you.  You decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live – Gianni Versace. I like an eclectic, bohemian style when I am not dressed for fitness. When my husband bought his Harley I was very excited by the potential for shopping for the clothes I needed in order to be his passenger.   I am in love with my Harley Davidson protective gear.  I feel really fierce in it!  It is almost as fun to wear the leathers as it is to ride on the bike. Fashion is instant language.  Show us your style and let us get to know you better.  

WTF? Fashion?? Style?? Leathers?? Seriously woman, left all that behind many years ago. Mini skirts and thigh high boots were the thing back in ‘my day’ but then I segued into sartorial elegance (jeans, T shirt) and now repose in the Andy Pandy school of fashion. This sums me up perfectly.

(For my non UK readers, Andy Pandy was a kids TV programme in the jurassic era and this is what he looked like).

Andy Pandy @BBC


Day 89~ Remember. As we continue on with our Picture You Week show us something that is currently part of your day. When you look back on this day next year what will your photo remind you of? 

This! Today was the first warm, sunny day of the year, and my Happy Eater Tree which had loads of buds on it sprang into action. By the time I got back from work it was blooming gorgeous! (I’ll do a not-the-365 post soon on the other blog with the tree in full gloriousness)


Day 90 ~ dinner. Picture You week is my favorite week and I am always so willing to be in the photos. Today, however, I was more excited to eat our yummy, colorful dinner and didn’t take the time to get myself in the photo. That’s ok! We definitely want to remind YOU of that as well. What does dinner (or supper) look like for you tonight? 

If someone who likes being in their pictures forgets, what hope is there for the rest of us? Dinner though, that took a bit of faffing about but here it is. Chili con carne with rice and pitta breads and salad.


Day 91 ~Relaxation. That feeling of bliss that washes over you when you “get away from it all” isn’t just in your head. Whether you spend time in the great outdoors, reading, or even cooking, total relaxation will help you find, clarity and rejuvenate your mind and body.  The exercise that generally goes hand-in-hand with spending time outdoors (hiking, biking, water activities, etc.) spurs the production of endorphins, your brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitters which helps you feel loose, clear-headed and calm.  While some find relaxation in exploring the outside, others find relaxation in the quiet alone time reading, doing needlework or just sitting and thinking. What will you do today to reach a state of relaxation; you can do it! Take a photo of YOU…relaxing!

This was guest prompt, the ladies let someone from the group have a go once a month, this time a chap who frankly I think of as ‘lazy geezer’ for suggesting this. Also a bit long~winded there, but if it’s your only chance to be famousish you’re gonna take it I guess. Anyway I couldn’t do my normal relaxation shot as we did that on Day 33, so I decided I’d do meself in the bath as I do know people think that’s relaxing. I don’t think so really as the water keeps going cold so you have to keep topping it up with hot, and the pages of your book get wet too. Just have a quick shower and get on with life FHS!

(fake) Relaxation

Day 92 ~ Centered. What brings you to that place of balance where you feel the most content.  For me, it’s always being in nature with a camera in my hand. It really transforms my entire attitude.We have had several requests for a day where we can show off our 365 Picture Today Swag. Today is the day! If you have your 365 Picture Today swag, wear it! If you don’t own any of our group attire, that’s okay too! You can still show us where you are the most centered and balanced. You can also go in the direction of centering yourself in the photo. It’s totally up to you how to approach it.

This one annoyed me a fair bit. Firstly, be centered, be balanced be content etc. This is a thing that newish people do, oldish people like me grew up just getting on with stuff, not self-analysing every damned thing we do. So I had to google what being ‘centered’ meant. Pfft! Clap trap. Secondly ‘show off your 365 swag’. According to the Miriam Webster dictionary Swag in the USA can mean ‘promotional stuff’ like their sweatshirts with the 365 picture today logo on them. Swag over the pond here means stolen goods. I don’t have either, and I chose to use ‘happy’ instead of ‘centered’ so sat in my car which is my exceedingly happy place for my sodding selfie.

Centered. Pfft.

Day 93. Pocket. Do you remember where you were on January 9th of this year?  Do you remember the photo that you took on that day?  If not, go back and look because you will need to revisit that spot again today. Today’s Picture Your World prompt invites you to photograph the same location four times throughout this year documenting the changing seasons along the way.  You may choose a different perspective or choose to include different subjects in these repeating photos, but try to make it obvious to the viewer that they are seeing the same location. Once you have taken today’s photo, create a diptych using it and your January photo.  

In the January shot I hadn’t realised you were supposed to be in the shot, so this is how it has to be now. Phil and I had a nice walk over to the nature reserve, still a bit of a chill in the air, but nice blue sky afternoon. I tried to match up exactly where I stood in January but didn’t quite get there, but you can tell it’s the same place. Also, pocket???? WTH?? I don’t get that at all.


So another sodding selfie week comes to the end, but stay tooned for next week’s adventures in Golden Hour.


85 thoughts on “365 ~ 28th March ~ 3rd April

          1. You can have a soak, and a shower, Or the other way around. It depends how much time you have. No such thing as a dirty bath, always helps you get clean. You dodn’t have to sign up for just one. Alex has one every year whether he needs it or not.

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  1. Did you realise those socks were pink when you bought them? They’re lovely. I also love the Andy Pandy clothes and the way you seem to be referring to him in the way they’re displayed. He was a childhood favourite in our house, but not, I think, as much as Bill and Ben.

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  2. Cheaters are the worst. I wondering if we should re-institute capital punishment, but just for cheaters 😉

    Mrs B wears almost nothing but woolly, fuzzy socks. She likes how they feel as opposed to the straight cotton socks like I wear for work.

    Andy Pandy looks like one of those dolls that would murder you in a heartbeat. Scary!

    How many blogs do you have? I have issues just keeping up with the one, much less any more! So congrats! Oh, and may thigh high boots make a big come back some day soon!

    What kind of rice is that? It sure doesn’t look like plain white rice.

    Fake relaxation, hahahaa. I find a bath is more relaxing, but a shower is quicker and so I can get back to the comfy couch and read that much sooner.

    Too bad you don’t have some “swag”. Might teach them a lesson about being so pretentious.

    That “pocket” subject baffled me too. I really like the idea of showing the same photo area in different seasons but am not sure what pockets has to do with it. Sure doesn’t ring any bells to my american mind.

    And that’s a wrap!

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      1. How do you keep up with 3 blogs? Seriously.

        yeah, I suspect the time of anyone wearing thigh highs isn’t coming back til after I’m dead and gone. Too bad.

        Thanks. Isn’t the turmeric a bit bitter?

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        1. Easy keeping up, one is a blog just for my analogue photo’s and I don’t post there very often as film is expensive. The other one is a movie review/thoughts-n-miscellaneous stuff blog (you’ve seen that one) and I post there a couple of times a month while I’m doing the 365 here.
          No to bitterness, it’s only a light dusting of turmeric to get the colour.

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  3. Three cheers for the end of selfie week! That said, I love your photos (though the organizers really need to get better with pairing the ‘prompts’ with the weekly ‘themes’.

    – I love the socks – they are cute and look cozy;
    – I’m a fan of stripes too, you have a great selection;
    – Your blossoming tree is beautiful – we are still a long way from that, but the colours usually explode all at once, our reward for our patience;
    – Dinner looks yummy;
    – Chuckling at your ‘fake’ relaxation – I am firmly in the shower camp myself;
    – I am in love with the colour of your car…the car & driver are cute too!;
    – Finally the diptych is beautiful, I love this idea of this, though even the organizers didn’t use ‘pocket’ even in their prompt/description (come on!). What is with that?

    Thanks for the chuckle with my morning coffee! Looking forward to next week with you!

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  4. My mum told me that I always cried when Andy Pandy waved goodbye and got in his basket. I didn’t want the programme to finish, apparently.
    His outfit does look prety comfy though, unless you got caught short. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Those kitty socks are so cute and look warm and snug.
    I’m all about showers but I have to admit your relaxation photo had me thinking about a long soak surrounded by sentenced candles and low light.

    BTW, I love your comments. The one for Centered (pfft!) has priceless! 😀

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  6. You have some great pictures here – nice variety – I think I like the tub and knees (are you nekkid or naked??) because it has such a nice atmosphere, and the shirts and stripes – made me laugh. I’ll have to look up Andy Pandy, too – kids shows can be really funny and cute.


  7. That was a hoot! As for tensely shower vs. bath debate….I prefer showers. Quicker, to the point, done. But I’m not gonna lie. When I’m beat, especially in the winter months, I don’t mind a tub of hot water to marinate in. At least until one of our pesky hobbits start hollering for the bathroom.

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  8. I absolutely love these selfies Fraggle, oh the stripes are so me, the kitty socks a must have, and the bath controversy. I’m mostly a shower girl but I also love a long soak, candles and wine! Oh and that floral shot ~ remember ~ got me! Warmly, C

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