365 ~ 14th ~ 20th March

This week was colour week, and the colour is yellow. I have even less yellow things than pink, not sure why as I like yellow better, but it was fine, I didn’t struggle to find anything. I’m not overly enthralled with any of these, somehow, except maybe the car.

Day 73 ~ Triangle. Yellow can represent freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy. It is also associated with Spring and fresh yellow flowers.Today be on the lookout for yellow triangles. I am standing in a parking lot next to a yellow arrow. Where else might you find yellow triangles. You could also choose to create a yellow triangle using items you have around the house.

It was raining and cold of course, so I decided to do the ‘use items from around the house’ bit. As I was making my toast for breakfast, the idea of the butter triangle popped into my head. Always good to have an idea that ends in yum. And yes the toast is burnt at one edge and raw at the other, my toaster is pants, but this bit was an end crust and just done for the photo.


Day 74 ~ Safe. Whether it be ducks in Boston or here in Texas, deer on a mountain highway, or children on a neighborhood street, these diamond-shaped yellow signs are used to help keep everyone safe.  Road crews and runners also wear yellow vests helping to keep them safe by making them more visible to motorists on the streets.Where do you see yellow being used as a safety measure?  Photograph it today.

As always, being at work all day doesn’t make things easy. Annoyingly I saw many yellow jacketed workmen on the journey home, but stopping on a major roadwork site at rush hour wasn’t an option. I resorted to my local shop instead, as they have yellow social distancing signs on the windows and floors. Londis and Morrisons are gifts that keep on giving. (Also that’s my little Minty car reflected in the window, it’s so cute 😍)


Day 75 ~ Wheel. See if you can find a wheel on a bicycle, a yellow car, a yellow bus, a yellow truck or anything else…you get the idea!  Just include a wheel in the photo.

Well I couldn’t find one. I kept checking the carpark outside where I work and no yellow vehicles visited. None around where I live either. So I got out the little people and dinky cars when I got home from work and took them out on the front driveway. The sun was going down so I had some nice light for it, am sure the neighbours think I’m mad.


Day 76~ Brilliant. Yellow is my favourite colour!  To me it symbolizes sunshine and light, happiness and joy.  It is indeed the most brilliant of colours.Yellow is a ‘stand out’ colour.  It simply glows.  What brilliant yellow can you find in your world today!  Let us see the sunshine in your life.

Pfft! Sunshine my arse. No matter, Morrisons do flowers, so I called in after work to see if they had any daffodils, they did but they were still closed up, but these chrysanthemums were just gagging to be photographed. Me,me,me! they shouted, I’m brilliant! I agreed.


Day 77 ~ Sign. There is no shortage of signs that are yellow after all it is a cautionary color! All along the road there are signals and alerts, with warnings of hazards and dangers. There are markers to guide us as well as to deter us; this battered sign is giving us a warning that you are about to go over the cliff! So your challenge is to share the yellow sign that helped you out today!  

This one didn’t seem that different to day 74’s ‘safe’ really. I didn’t get a yellow sign helping me out as I already knew where to go for some warning signs. The coast line at Trow Landing is eroding at a fair rate, so there is a risk of cliffs crashing down if you are walking along the coastal pathway, not that I’ve ever seen that happen. I quite like the right hand triangle sign here, the little guy looks like he’s having a rave.


Day 78 ~ Inspiration. We can find so much that’s inspirational in our life.  What inspires you today?

It’s raining (again) today, so inspiration comes from looking at Saul Leiter’s photographs and reading books on art and creativity.


Day 79 ~ Cloth. Cloth and material can be found virtually everywhere and I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to find some yellow cloth to include in your photo today.

It nearly was hard. Phil has got a faded pale yellow T shirt but he’s gone to work in it, and I don’t have a damn thing in yellow! How’s that happened? Will have to rectify that for spring. Luckily I remembered Giorgio in the spare room, and that sufficed for yellow cloth.

So that’s another week done and dusted. Stay tooned for next week ~ adventures with angles.

55 thoughts on “365 ~ 14th ~ 20th March

  1. I love the man being destroyed by falling boulders sign. Some of those hazard warnings can be hilarious. I remember one on a tractor mower that had a stencil man being shredded apart into all sorts of pieces to warn you away from the cutting deck.
    Butter is artificially coloured to make it look yellow. It’s actually pretty close to white. Unless you make your own in the summer when the cows are eating fresh grass. Then it’s yellow.
    How many little people do you have?

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  2. I ended with a laugh because I one have one yellow shirt – actually a pale yellow that I bought years ago because we were hosting a dinner group with a yellow theme. Enough of that. Love the opening image and the brilliance of the flowers! You have covered much of yellow’s role in our lives. Have a good week ahead.

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  3. Fabulous week. I enjoy all your shots, but I really like the toast shot, very clever! My favourite one though is the little car, the lighting is perfection! πŸ˜„ Good job and as usual your descriptions are the best. πŸ˜„

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  4. O, your commentary had me laughing!! AND your photography is terrific! I love β€œWheel,” so clever with the little embracing couple and the lighting/focus makes it magical😁. But I have to say, Giorgio’s yellow drink was a added surprise bonus of inspired creativity! Super fun! Great images β­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈπŸ‘

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  5. So many chances lost when I get to work, duty calls although the heart would want a stop to just halt and photograph. Thank you, fragglerocking, “wheel” is straight from a fairy tale ^^

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  6. Maybe you dodn’t enjoy the presciptive assignments, but the results look good; like other posters, I dig the yellow car one is worth annoying the neighbours for. You seem to be getting good value from your muse, with is to say your local Londis; it seems to speak to the artist within…

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    1. It’s not a NISA, it’s a Londis. And you can keep your Lee Miller, I know he played for Middlesborough for a while but he’s back up your way now, buying his 2-4-1 ale packs from ASDA. Also we don’t get many Spaniards shooting each other in our Londis, so Capa would be bored.

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          1. Well now some ears have arrived so I must break away from your scintallating missive, then I’m off to Morrisions to do the lunch run. I’ll be back later to resume the reading and check out Booky’s blog.

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