53 – Musical Instruments *

2nd part of the ‘Music’ collaboration with Frank. Give him some love people πŸ™‚

Beach Walk Reflections: Thoughts from thinking while walking

Special thanks to Fraggle for providing the photos. Fraggle is in the UK and I encourage readers to visit her photography blogFraggle: Rocking a camera across the universe. Please tell her I sent you and feel free to comment on her images here. All images are copyrighted by Fraggle and Fragglerocking Photo Blog.

Click the video above for 2 minutes of background waves while reading.

I like walking on the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Because music has been part of my life for many years, I think about the many musical instruments – let alone adding voices to the mix. Besides, the previous walk featured music.

I think of the many instruments – brass, strings, woodwinds, percussion, and keyboards.

I think of all the musical instruments that are variations on a theme – the musical tools causing…

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17 thoughts on “53 – Musical Instruments *

    1. It’s a reblog from someone elses blog who used some of my photo’s for his essay. You have to click through to the ‘View original post’. No worries, I’m putting my weekly ones up tomorrow.


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