365 ~21st ~ 27th February

This week is Symmetry week which I thought wouldn’t be too bad, and it was mostly OK.

Day 52 ~ Square. Symmetry in our images can be achieved when two halves of an image hold the same weight. However, symmetry doesn’t have to be literal in the sense that each half mirrors the other.  But rather, it’s a balancing of objects and space. Symmetry in composition can also be achieved when different elements are used to help achieve the appearance of being symmetrical. This one caused me problems, not sure why, I did a whole month of squares back in the 366 days of 2016, maybe that was it, hard to think of something I hadn’t done before! Kitchen tiles to the rescue!


Day 53 ~ 2 O’clock. How will you find symmetry today at 2 o’clock?  Maybe it’s just the story behind your symmetry.  I am very excited to see how you will find it today!  This one was also hard, I had a full day of clients so had to cheat and alter the clock when I had 10 minutes spare. At the real 2 O’clock I had a sucker in someone’s ear! Still this is what I do after each client, write up my notes on the laptop. There’s symmetry in there somewhere!

2 O’Clock

Day 54 ~ Incredible. When it snows, I like to go out and photograph snowflakes.  It makes winter more bearable. To me, snowflakes are incredible!  Each one is unique and the symmetry presented in each individual flake is perfection.  If it’s snowing in your neck of the woods today, why not try and capture the symmetry in a snowflake.  No two are the same!  If not, I’m sure you can find all kinds of other symmetrical things in your world.  What stands out as incredible to you? Nope, no snow here anymore. What we do have is Winnie, who is incredibly crazy, wild, nosy, fast-as-lightening, funny and definitely symmetrical.

Incredible Winnie

Day 55 ~ Window. Windows are great photography subjects…. whether looking at them or looking out of them. They provide interest and can even pick up cool reflections. We are practicing symmetry in our photography this week and windows are perfect for this. Look for houses or buildings and notice where the windows are placed.  How can you photograph them with symmetry?  I decided the Love Window in my shed would be good for this one. Thinking about it could have used the Wallace & Grommet Window for square. Duh.


Day 56 ~ Meaningful. As we’ve seen this week, symmetry is a multi-faceted word.  In its broadest sense, symmetry means balanced.  In photography, this means that your photo is well-composed and that it has interest and movement throughout.  How lines and light move through an image create balance.  How a subject is placed in the frame with regard to negative space or background creates balance.Find something that is both familiar and meaningful to you.  Study it for a few minutes.  Notice its shape.  How does its look, change in different light or from another perspective?  Photograph the object such that you create symmetry by way of balance.  You may choose to include the entire object or only a part.  Whatever you do, create a meaningful image of something that is meaningful to you. This was easy.


Day 57 ~ Segment. Some images are symmetrical around a central point, like a spiders web. This type of symmetry is harder to find, but when you see it, it will immediately make sense. Radial symmetry pops up in architecture from time to time. Getting into the forest early in the morning to get the best light and with the dew still hanging around makes for great photos.  I am lucky to have such a great place to go so close to home.  Segments can be found in most circles.Where are you going to find your segments today? My first day off and nope to getting up early and finding a forest. I walked up to our local shop and bought a lemon!


Day 58~ Cones.

Are you ready for some photo fun!  It is scavenger hunt day!  Here is a list of items to go out and find and photograph! Once your hunt is complete, you will compile those images into a collage.  Symmetry is everywhere.  Today you are going on a scavenger hunt to look for cones and you will be photographing them in symmetry.  The cone shape naturally lends itself to leading lines. Let’s find some cones and leading lines!Today you are on the hunt for cones!  You can either position them in your photograph to draw your viewer’s eye, or maybe you might just want to find cones!  Pine cone, ice cream cone, traffic pylon, pencil tip, nacho chip, tree, funnel, party hat, strawberry. I had to send off for party hats and funnels from Amazon as our local shop doesn’t have either, but I managed to cobble everything else together, and Phil got a cornetto for helping me out. I forgot about symmetry and leading lines and just made up little stories for most of them.


Well that’s another week over, and next week is the first week of the month so more ‘selfies’. 🥴😟

Stay tooned dear reader!

58 thoughts on “365 ~21st ~ 27th February

    1. That was Mr.Rabbit’s computer, on discogs site looking for vinyl. I’m making the most of Winnie whilst I can, not sure if Sophie is ever coming back though! We were only having them for 2 weeks, it’s been 3 months now!

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  1. I think I’d have had a fit on Cones day. I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start. My favourites are the wedding ring and the lemon, although the man about to be attacked by giant strawberries is a lot of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 2 o’clock used to be my favourite time of the day, back when the gyms were open 24 hours. But that was in the a.m. At 2 in the afternoon I’m usually asleep. Good to see someone is working though!

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  3. This is a fabulous week! I love them all! The shadow of the soap/lotion bottle in ‘square’ makes me smile. It’s nice to see your workspace. Winnie is adorable and so expressive! Your shed window is pretty & dreamy! The wedding ring is my favourite for it’s simplicity and meaning! The lemon slice looks delicious, and the lighting is superb! Your scavenger hunt is brilliant! Where did you get those little people? I, too, am gritting my teeth for “selfie” week!

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Hahahah! You know, you joke but that probably isn’t that far off. One more reason I’m glad Mrs B isn’t into jewelry. We both have our white gold weddiing bands and she has her gold and diamond engagement ring and one gold necklace and that is it 😀
            Don’t have to worry about jewel thieves trying to boost our goods….

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  4. Winnie’s photo is a winner 😀 I like the way the daily challenges are set, they somehow reduce the tension to have to bring something different, and the trick with the clock was quite smart. Thank you, fragglerocking.

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  5. Winnie has captured the hearts of your blogger friends, that’s for sure😍👍🏻
    Your shed looks nothing but amazing. Have you done a tour of your shed at any time?
    I’d love to know how created your collage (only if you care to share it, otherwise ignore this one). I love collages and have signed up with Canva.

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