365~ Jan 18th ~ 24th

Day 18 ~ Leading Lines + Red ~ This is red week. Can you find lines that lead you to red? Lines that are red? Or lines that let you peek through and see red? Can you find an unusual way to incorporate the color red into your photo today? Not sure this is unusual, but it’s the best I could do for red leading lines. Also it tasted so yummy. I didn’t eat the chilli though 😊

Fried Rice and leading lines.

Day 19 ~ Excitement + Red. ~ As you go about your day, keep an eye out for collections of red that create a little excitement in your world.  It could be apples or flowers or crayons… You may choose to get in close and fill your frame; or, back up and show your red collection in context.  The choice is yours.  Remember that this project is about documenting your life so your red collection need only excite you! I just don’t have a ‘red’ collection, I’m more a bluey/purpley kinda gal. But I was excited to receive a photography book I ordered from a lovely chap called Sean Tucker, who’s youtube channel is a delight and inspiring for life, not just photography. So I shot that instead but added a red rose Phil had bought for me, and a glass of rΓ³se wine.


Day 20 ~ Humour + red ~Using your mini figures helps with making a fun image. Sure, I can do that, as you know if you’ve followed my blogs a while 😊


Day 21 ~ Inside + red ~ Red is such an interesting colour because it’s at both ends of the emotional colour spectrum. On one end it symbolizes happiness, love, infatuation and passion. On the other end it symbolizes danger, fear, anger and frustration.Document which end of the emotional spectrum you fall into today with an indoor picture of something red.  Or, maybe you just like the colour! Well I’m not on the end of the emotional spectrum today, but I do like this vintage teacup that belonged to my Mum.


Day 22 ~ Uplift + red ~ I find the color red to be very uplifting! It evokes a certain vibrancy and energy. Today let’s get in close, highlighting the details of something Red. Yep, I can do that too 😊 one of roses from the flowers Phil got me this week.


Day 23 ~ A wall + red ~So, today, when you are looking for your red wall, how can you make it interesting?  Play with angles or think about how much of a background or foreground you want to share that will help the red really pop. I didn’t have to go too far for a red wall, and the angle I chose was straight on, and the foreground I shared is all the other red walls 🀣 I think I’m winning at red!

red wall

That was the end of Red week, and now we are on to Picture More week, not sure what that means but we are also doing ‘break the rules’ week, which is fine as I don’t do rules. Mostly.

Day 24~Cheerful ~ Our first Picture More Week you get to “Break the Rules!” Forget everything you know about technique and composition and just let go this week. Today you get to be CHEERFUL while you are breaking the rules. Argh I have no idea what that really means so I fixated on ‘cheerful’ and left the rest out of the equation. Here’s my watch, it always makes me smile when I look at it, and it’s the same smiley used in the Watchmen movie, not the usual emoticon smiley. So that’s me, cheerful. 😊


That’s it for this week! Oh yes forgot, my 52 frames project picture is in the portfolio too.

55 thoughts on “365~ Jan 18th ~ 24th

  1. What a lot of fun here! We would have eaten the chili – pretty mild here for us – but my all-time fave is the dinosaur. I had to look really closely to see the mountain climbers – then a good laugh when I got it. πŸ˜‰

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  2. You are certainly winning at red! How creative! And wonderful pictures as well, the close up of the rose! Like you I follow Sean Tuckers Youtube channel with much joy. He makes good pictures and above that can make you think about photography and even life. (Another interesting fellow country man of yours in that respect is Jamie Windsor)

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  3. Wow, these are intensely terrific…. the rose just blows me away…. and the colour!! I love (low key?) Lighting on the happy face watch, makes it really a stand-out! This was all super fun, I must have spent a half hour just absorbing all the careful details you put into these shots, good time!

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  4. Ridley Scott felt frustrated in the U.S. when filmed Blade Runner, he said due the long history of the U.K. filming studies have available anything the imagination wants, from old periods to the modern ones. Seeing the variety of your photographs I feel if you have as an individual so rich variety of beautiful objects (and here we are seeing only the red ones :O) a filming study have to be something to see in order to believe :000, loved the prehistoric scene ^^, and hopefully today a comedian didn’t die in New York πŸ™‚

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  5. They’re all brilliant, but the rose’s Mr De Mille moment is probably my favourite. I’d have tried to eat the chilli, just to see how hot it was. I grow tiny fiery ones that are so hot that you only need one in the pot.

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    1. I had one of the chilli’s chopped into the fried rice, that heated things up. These are called Birdseye chillis if that’s any indication. I know I shouldn’t have rubbed my eye after I’d chopped it, and the cat knows she shouldn’t have licked my finger! πŸ˜€

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  6. Red is indeed an exquisite colour. I’m looking around my living room now and I see I don’t have a red piece anywhere. I think I only have one red cashmere in my closet for Christmas parties. I should add a few red pieces around to catch the eye. Your vintage tea cup is beautiful!

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  7. Great REDs, Fraggle. I’m especially intrigued by Sean Tucker’s book. Where did you get this copy?
    I immediately went to Amazon and Ebay, but no chance. I have preordered his new book due in July. Like you, I ellay like Tucker’s take on things, his armchair philosophy and I could listen to him over and over again. Thanks for reminding me! πŸ™‚

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    1. I went over to his website. The only collection still available is the one you have got; IV. I have sent an email asking to purchase a signed copy. Either way, I’ll be a proud owner of this book very soon, I think. πŸ™‚

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