Midnight Snow

For three days it rained non stop, right up to 11pm last night. Then we went to the kitchen about 11.30pm to make a cup of tea to take to bed and through the window we saw


It’s been a long time since we saw ‘proper’ snow and we ran to the conservatory and opened the door and stood watching, as big clumps of snowflakes floated to the ground, and stayed. It made us smile and wonder. The world was quiet all of a sudden, the traffic noises deadened in the whitening. I grabbed my phone to take some pictures, but it gives an other worldy orange filter to everything

So I took some from all our windows and converted them to black and white

We spent a long time watching it, and were glad that we could enjoy it and not have to go anywhere in the morning. But we got up this morning and it had gone. It left us as swiftly as it arrived, with only a vestige of it’s former self on the lawns and shed roofs. We sighed, our winter wonderland was a fleeting visitor, and I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

61 Comments on “Midnight Snow

  1. Similar to what happened here last week, before the rain washed it away. They are forecasting the ‘possibility’ of more this weekend though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Our forecast says sunny and breezy, which is what’s been going on today, not exoecting anymore of the white stuff, but then we weren’t expecting it last night! Cheers Pete.

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  2. These looks like movie sets almost. Great work. Do you apply much manipulation to the photos after you take them?

    I’m jealous about the snow! I’ve been wishing for about 4ft of it here, just so I can sit in the living room, read / write and be merry.

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  3. Nice πŸŒ¨β„β›„
    We had some last night as well; all but gone by morning though.


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  4. I love the hush that snowfall brings, especially when it happens at night. The photos are beautiful. I can feel the chill of winter on them.

    We had a snow squall late yesterday morning. It didn’t last long but it made quite a sight from my office window.
    Stay warm!

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  5. I like the street view a lot: perfect in b&w As to the one with the red chair in the garden: have you ever tried Dina’s [https://fabfourblog.com/] idea of just having everything that is not red rendered in b&w, but keeping the red colour? Or like Roland does it here: https://wp.me/p8rIis-3hK

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  6. Yup, we had the same kind of snow yesterday, gone by nightfall. But the snow from a couple of weeks ago lay for days, and required much gritting of the horses yard. Nice photos! Maybe give that plant a water!

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  7. We had the same exciting experience here in Bergen, Norway. A couple of weeks ago the sky opened up and just kept dumping snow. Then the temperature plummeted to -10 degrees (which is very unusual) and the winter stayed up until this weekend. Then it all rained away again. I just love winter – maybe because we don’t experience that much. I see the same excitement in this post.

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  8. What a pleasure! We get rain today – finally. Funny how when there is too much of anything, we enjoy it when it goes away, and when it comes back. πŸ˜‰

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  9. There’s something very mesmerising about snowfall. It’s been snowing most of the week here and I still love going out it or just watching it through the windows. Lovely shots.

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  10. These are lovely! They make me feel all nostalgic for those rare nights we got snow back in Manchester. I get a lot more where I am living now, but not as much as places further up the north-western coast of Japan. The real “snow country.”

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  11. Lovely!! I know the feeling and the excitement when snow comes. It stayed with us only for a short time, I’d love to see more of of the white stuff.

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