WordPress informed me on Wednesday that I have been blogging here now for 8 years. It prompted me to go back to my first posts and have a look at what I was doing back then, and who commented on any posts. For a long time my posts had about 2 or 3 comments 😊 . Then I went looking through all the people who comment now, and in the stats there’s the ability to see when someone started following the blog. Of course there are a great many listed as following who I’ve never seen or heard, so Hi if you’re one of the silent invisible ones, hope you’re doing OK.

Below are all you lovely people who either pop in now and then, or visit regularly. So to all you brilliant authors, artists, photographers, book and movie reviewers, I just want to say thanks for keeping me company on here, informing me, liking my posts, having a laugh and chewing the cud, and on my other 2 blogs if you visit there too, I really appreciate it!


This blog is having a little break. I don’t have enough time to do anymore of the curated series, they take a couple of days to put together, and I haven’t been on any outings with the camera this year. Sophie and I had vaguely planned to meet up this weekend, socially distancing of course, but the weather put paid to that.

Still, you can find me on https://fragglesotherplace.com/ where I post movie reviews and the odd bits and pieces.

I’m doing a photography course which takes up some time and also a while back now I started a project after joining the 52 Frames challenge site and have been posting my pictures to the project section of this blog. These posts don’t show up in the reader for some strange reason, but you can find them here, https://fragglerocking.org/project-type/52-frames/ there’s a post every Sunday and so maybe I’ll see you there!