Richmond ~ August 2013 ~ part 2

Following on from seeing Richmond Castle in Part 1, Sophie and I went into the market place

The market place from the top of the Castle keep.

The church in the market place is the former Holy Trinity church. The tower is 14th century, and was originally detached from the nave, but they are now linked by a more modern, possibly Victorian block. At the east end shops and houses are built against it. Since 1938 it has been home to the Green Howards Regimental museum, tracing the history of that regiment, which was inaugurated back in 1688. As well as other stuff it houses 3700 medals awarded to members of the regiment and includes 16 Victoria Crosses.

Green Howards Museum/Holy Trinity Church

The obelisk you can see in the centre of the market place was put up in 1788 to replace a medieval market cross. Would rather they hadn’t but the 17th & 18th centuries marked Richmond’s Hey-Day and new elegant Georgian housing and buildings replaced many of the older medieval buildings. Argh!

reflection of the obelisk in the Golden Lion’s window.

We visited the 18th century Millgate House, a building on the south side of the market place known for it’s beautiful garden arranged in terraces below the house.

We also had a look inside the Market Hall, which was open 7 days a week.

Market Hall

And then it was such a nice day we went to see the River Swale waterfalls, which would have been more beautiful without the stupid boys.

A herd of numpties

Not everyone jumped in.

After this we went to visit Easby Abbey so we’ll have a trip there next week! Stay tooned folks!

43 thoughts on “Richmond ~ August 2013 ~ part 2

  1. Never heard the word โ€˜numptiesโ€™ before- but it sounds like one Iโ€™d like to add to my vocabulary! Wish I could visit the marketplace and tell me about the glass on the one window pane…

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    1. That’s called Bullseye glass or Crown glass, and is down to the way glass used to be made until 19th century. It’s still done for decorative purposes, but no longer the way glass is made. Lots of old pubs have them.

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  2. Lovely photos! I especially love the photo of the closeup of the buildings with the red and blue cars making the photo pop! Also the photo of the couple! He looks like he is worried, or pondering something, as she spies something in the distance! Have a great Sunday!

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  3. โ€œ..A herd of numpties.โ€ Such a great phrase. Beautiful location and images. Your historical photo adventures always have me wondering about the day to day life experience when these buildings were under construction.

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  4. I love the view of the mountains from the castle. The waterfalls are great! Do you think the habitants of the Castle enjoyed them? I don’t think so, I can’t imagine they taking out all the clothes and jumping in the water. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I hated those cobblestones. They were a nightmare to walk on and to drive over. I got lost trying to find my B&B and drove through the square about ten times, so got to know them well. You saw more in Richmond than I did. I went to the castle, the abbey and a couple of pubs.

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  6. Love the photos, especially relevant to an exile living in California, who spent a good 10 years of my life in Co. Durham and points further NE.
    A great site for Northeast nostalgia, especially as my youngest now lives in Shildon and works in Bishop.
    One spelling for you: ‘VictoriaN’ crosses?
    Victoria Crosses for the Green Howards!

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