Bishop Auckland ~ part 3 ~ February 2020

Last week we had a look at the viewing tower, and this is the inside of it.

There are some stone carvings from the time of Bishop Beks Great Hall in the 13th Century.

Monk’s Head

and more views from the viewing platforms.

The outside of the castle

So that’s the end of our visit to Bishop Auckland and it’s castle.

45 thoughts on “Bishop Auckland ~ part 3 ~ February 2020

  1. Thank you for sending me to look at Bek’s Chapel. It’s fascinating, but I’m definitely going off the Parliamentarians.

    I was rude about it when you showed the outside of the viewing platform, but that ceiling is scrumptious.

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  2. Great pics and I really like how atmospheric the b&w makes them. I’ve been trying to follow your blog for ages, keep clicking on the follow button but never receive any notifications of new posts. I tried again today and discovered they are in my Reader, which I never look at. Is there a way I can get email notifications of new posts?

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  3. Again, love your photography and posts, each week another historical episode! First… I read that the first window glass arrived in Britain in the early 17th century. With all of the windows in this castle, pre-glass, did they mention what they used prior? Was it wooden shutters? I love to look at all the detail in your photos. And boy, you manage to capture a lot! In the last photo, to the far right up on the wall, is that someone having coffee? Is that a person? Curious mind here…

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  4. Love the black and white photos, they are mysterious! The ceiling is pretty too! I love to know about the history of the places, and I can’t believe that are people destroying monuments and statues right now.

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