Crook House & Gardens~Nov 2019~part 2

Part 1 HERE

In spite of the weather being meh, we had a wander around the gardens. Not many flowers at that time of year, but nice to see some garden features,foliage & berries.

Ivy Urn
red berries
Not sure about him!
Showing off lady
Pampas grass
Baby ENT
Weepy Elephant
Needs a good rub down
An Imp
Up to his neck in it!
In the meadow
Not in the chip shop any more.

So, a nice day out, the pictures as always are embiggenable with a click, and there are more photo’s of Crook House HERE

Stay home, stay well, stay frosty and stay tooned for our next adventure!

39 thoughts on “Crook House & Gardens~Nov 2019~part 2

  1. Elvis!I love sculpture in gardens…especially things like the imp and the head…little surprises hidden away. I went looking for a sculpture by Pierre Huygens on Malta last year but arrived too late to see it….its a figure like one of the ladies here but its head is made of a beehive (i think) so its organic, part of the environment. Thanks for the stroll!

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  2. I’m not sure about him, either, Fraggle; but I liked the ladies that came later. And delighted to see Crook House has a Gregory! Super photos – as always – desperately trying to catch up with comments (which, of course, I never will).

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