Poland~ April 2017 ~Auschwitz

It is International Holocaust today, and so I am reposting about my visit to Auschwitz in 2017, for anyone who hasn’t been there, or seen my post before. It had a deep impact on me.

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It’s taken me a little while to get to this part of our trip, it’s taken a little while to Marshall all my thoughts. It may be a lengthier post than normal, but I am not going to do this in ‘parts’, once is enough, so anyone with a short attention span feel free to bow out now 🙂 .

First thing to say is I was wary of going here, I, like many, have seen harrowing movies, Schindlers List, Sophies Choice, Boy in striped pyjamas, The Pianist, etc, and have seen the truly staggering news reels from when the camps were liberated, and been deeply horrified, so a trip to see the place where it all happened seemed a question of how much worse could I feel about it all?  Second thing to say is I am not going to write about or explain the history of the place, plenty…

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31 thoughts on “Poland~ April 2017 ~Auschwitz

      1. The Chinese response to the terror attacks has been very harsh. But the number and extent of the atrocities they have carried out has not been accurately reported in the West either. I think it could happen in Europe, with a backlash against Muslims. Hungary is borderline Fascist, and Croatia has history of killing Muslims too.

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  1. Lost one grandma and one grangrandma in Hitler’s camps, my gramps went to jail for refusing to divorce from his jewish wife and my dad, the semi-jew bastard was forced to become a steel-concrete worker and build warship docks and bunkers for the nazis … and finally his own prison. Not huge nazi fans we are.
    And, just for clarity: Auschwitz was liberated by the red army, not US army as the western “free press” propaganda media wants to make us believe. No US military personnel ever set foot east of Berlin, neither into Poland or any other of the former Warsaw block countries. So in fact most concentration camps were freed by the Russians I suppose.

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    1. I always knew the Russians had liberated Auschwitz, never heard it told any other way, but they were not the only ones, all the allied forces came across and liberated camps throughout Europe, and there is plenty of 1st hand and photographic evidence for that. It’s not really the point though, it’s not a contest. I feel for your family Orca, a sad history to have threaded through your life.

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      1. Well,kinda everybody knows it,everybody who cares. Americans are to 99% sure they fought Hitler alone, with some help by local resistance forces and the brits, freed Europe and all the extermination camps as well.
        Soviet Russia was just another threat, appearing from the east.
        And nowadays it’s even official Polish politics to claim they freed Auschwitz all by themselves coz the Russians didn’t do zilch coz they hated Jews. 😮 The Polishn president even refused to attend the festivities for the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz, because the Israelis had invited Putin. 😦


  2. Whew. Such a sobering topic. When we were in Paris we made a point to visit their Holocaust museum and it leaves a real mark on you (especially considering they are still reckoning with their handling of it). The depths of depravity needed to do such things should never be forgotten or overlooked.

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