Aln Valley Railway – July 2019 – Part 2

Part 1 HERE

After we rode on the train, Sophie and I photographed the WW2 re-enactors and bits and bobs around the station.

On guard duty
Taking a break
having a natter
East meets West
Captain Mainwaring
Hearts and minds

Dad’s Army


Red Star


Relaxing Russkies
Sophie gets behatted

Stay tooned for Part 3!

34 thoughts on “Aln Valley Railway – July 2019 – Part 2

  1. We had Dad’s Army on our tv in the seventees (and many repeats after that). I loved it and I can still sing the beginning tune. 🙂 When in a company of my generation somebody says: We arrrrre doomed, everyone starts to laugh. Great photographs by the way!

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  2. I wonder why we do war re-enactments . . . war is so awful, but it brings people’s best qualities out, too. I’ve always admired the British and their hold-out and bravery during WW2 and Winston Churchill is a man I much admire. I love his speeches, and remember how sad I felt when he passed away in 1965. (Yes, I’m dating myself!) We do Civil War re-enactments here, and the costuming and equipment detail is amazing. Maybe the romance, too? A simpler age, a focus, a purpose bigger than the self?

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    1. Haha no this isn’t a film set, just a WW2 thingy at the railway. The Heritage railway is all volunteers fixing up old steam trains so they are always doing things to pull people in, to try and get funds.


  3. Excellent work, both by the re-enactors and your work. The colors certainly are modern but they express very well the muted mood of photographs from those times (or at least what Hollywood has taught me as the mood of that time xP) Thank you, fragglerocking.

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