Seaton Delaval Hall~ Feb 2019 ~ Part 2

Part 1 HERE

The marble floor in the great hall was open to the elements after the fire of 1822,the slabs were loose and the underneath screed worn away. They have all been uplifted, the screed replaced, and the tiles put back in their original position. The cracked ones have been bonded back together with resin adhesives mixed with pigment and stainless steel dowels have been added to give them strength. Some were too damaged and had to be replaced, but they managed to find Carrera Marble and black limestone that seems to match the originals closely.

Marble tile floor

There are 3 lead statues at the hall, David & Goliath, Samson slaying a philistine, and the goddess Diana. Made in the 18th century they are rare to see these days, and also have to have conservation work applied.

David & Goliath

Samson & Philistine (May 2012)

I’ve yet to find the goddess 🙄

There is a fabulous spiral staircase connecting the basement to the upper areas

and down below is the servants quarters and cellars.

At the minute they’re closed off due to all the rain we’re having!

Outside the courtyard canopy is fab for photography

There’s a lovely old willow in the outside area too, some of the branches are on props

Willow (May 2012)

The garden is lovely, especially in proper weather!

May 2012

May 2012.

You can embiggen the pictures by clicking on them if you like.

I was a bit bling back in 2012!  That’s all from Seaton Delaval, but if you want to see more of it the 2012 album is HERE

and the 2019 one is HERE

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31 Comments on “Seaton Delaval Hall~ Feb 2019 ~ Part 2

  1. I love going to those sort pf places….built as monuments to their very wealthy owners all those years ago, but the funny thing is now we go to admire the efforts of the workmen who built them. Or at least I do….

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  2. Wow Fraggy these shots are fab!!! Reminds me of a couple PBS shows I watch. Hope your feeling well enough to go back out with Sophie


  3. This place is quite dramatic. Its sculptures, its shadows, the stonework. The damage due the fire, the rains, the humidity and time has given to it a nice character.

    Liked by 1 person

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