France May 2019 The Watermill part 3

For our final visit to the watermill, I’ll show you some of the interesting things I found walking around the grounds with my camera.

In one of the sheds

A roller in the shed!


Yes that was a surprise, here’s a few details of it

There was another one in a lock up, but that still worked apparently. Had a bar in it too!

Garden Feature 😀
Bandsaw Beehive
Tractor No.1
Tractor No.2
The waterwheels.

My favourite part was the Water feature.

Water Feature

So that brings me to the end of showing you around the watermill, though if you were interested there’s plenty more to see in the full album (including rusty stuff embedded in ivy and cat pictures) in the full album HERE

All pictures embiggenable with a clickety click.

Oh and finally, it was quite cold in the evenings, and Phil had to pull out his boy scout skills!

Fireman Phil! 🙂

52 thoughts on “France May 2019 The Watermill part 3

  1. That stove is like the one in our living room. I use shop-bought fire-lighters to get it going.
    Love the abandoned tractors, they are a nice touch indeed. But the dilapidated Rolls is just sacrilege! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Left behind by the previous owner, as was the other SIlver Ghost in the lock-up, that one at least is a go-er! But a bit useless in the narrow lanes and tiny villages of Normandy! Nicola told me they used to take it out to get ice cream for a laugh.

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  2. Spectacular views Fraggy. Where to start…. well Phil is fresh on my brain…. great fire work by the hubby👍👏. And… a rolly ?! Well I’ve never heard them called that, but I like and I’m gonna use it😉👍. What a great find indeed. Love all the old equipment .. and rust😍. Sorry I’m so behind again…. rough week around here .😘


  3. How did you manage to discover my car?! No, I’m NOT talking of the tractor! 😉
    I really love these pcitures. It looks like a fantastic place. Thanks for taking me there! 🙂

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  4. I could have helped with the fire in the evenings. From my childhood days on I’ve been a pyromaniac, and – thinking back – I still consider it a wonder that I didn’t burn down the whole neighbourhood! 😉

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  5. Okay… the cars in the shed made me tear up a little, for two reasons. One, the photos are amazing. Two – they invoked powerful memories. My grandfather had an old shed that looked very much like that, and he had an old Barracuda in there, along with another rusted car. I spent a lot of time with my grandfather growing up, and those pictures just reminded me of those wonderful summers! Great shots!

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