France ~ May 2019 ~ The Watermill ~ part 2

Part 1 HERE

The inside of the watermill was very cozy, so I took a few shots 🙂 Nicola had left us some nibbles and cider for when we arrived.

A cool kitchen

and some natty eggcups in the cupboard!

The snug where we sat to watch DVD’s in the evening

The bathroom and our bedroom had views out into the garden

bathroom window

Around the outside of the mill was lovely too

Our front doors
Bonsai on the window sill

And we made new friends


Marmalade would come for tickles as long as we were outside

and Fatcat stomped indoors whenever we were there and sat on Phils knee at night 🙂

That will do for now, still more grounds to explore with an amazing water feature to show you, so stay tooned!

43 thoughts on “France ~ May 2019 ~ The Watermill ~ part 2

  1. Wow Fraggy, what a neat place. And Pete is right, totally👍. And I think that feline that liked Phil’s knee…. was the ghost of….😽you know who…. yes that’s right …I believe🤷‍♀️. I love everything about where you stayed , can’t wait for the next installment 😘

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