France – May 2019 – The Watermill Part 1

I’ve been neglecting the Universe Blog whilst doing my 365 on The Other Place and going on holiday, so thought I’d get back to it. Last week we travelled to Normandy, France for a few days visiting historical sites. But before we hop off on a visit I’m going to show you around where we stayed. The place we stayed is called La Houssain, it’s tiny, but in it there’s an old watermill, built in the 1700’s and added to in the 18’s.

The Watermill
The Watermill


Should have moved the car but never mind. A river runs along side it (of course- it’s hard to be a watermill without water πŸ™‚ )

rear view from the riverside


The mill is nestled in woodlands and forest, and the soundtrack to life is of countless birdsongs, the breeze in the trees and the flow of the nearby river. An escape from the madding crowd, where peace and nature surround and seduce you.Β 

There is an old building on site that once was a bakers oven, the people in the surrounding area brought their wheat to the mill to be ground, and then took it to the oven to be baked. It was our view from the front door.

Oven house
The Oven house seen from the driveway

Nicola, the owner, uses it to store wood for the range fire in the mill.

Nicola keeps a few sheep on her land too

The sheeple.

Next time we’ll have a look at some of the interesting garden and water features! πŸ™‚

Stay tooned!

49 thoughts on “France – May 2019 – The Watermill Part 1

  1. Wow, what a find!,, I love it Fraggy. I can all most here nature, the way you described it all, I’ve always loved those type of brick farm 🏠 homes, and the like.
    Really fab Fraggy. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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      1. That’s the upside and downside of (our) blogs, isn’t it. On the one hand we enjoy all the pictures we see, and on the other hand it makes us long to get to these places.

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      1. I have, and not too sure how well it will work for me, given my physical limitations these days. I really admire David, I’ve read a number of his books, and applied some of the things he, and Otto Von MΓΌnchow for that matter, suggest. How about you, how’s it going?

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        1. I really enjoy listening to his talks, and I’ve read his books etc. I try and keep it all in mind when I pick up my camera. Don’t let your physical stuff get in the way, I remember David saying when he was laid up with a broken leg he spent a month photographing whisky, digging deep to make a body of work! You can do it 😊 !

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  2. Beautiful shots as always. Moving the cars is one of my “should have’s.” But there you go; and, that’s why the cars are there–someone else went too, couldn’t move the other one. Yes, I know they are out of historical context, but then they set off the past and present. Thanks for the images of the site. Warmest regards, Ed

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