Tynemouth Market ~ November 2018

Now and then due to busyness or bad weather, Sophie and I go to Tynemouth Market for a shorter excursion as it’s only 20 minutes away and there’s always stuff to photograph, and shop for! Β The market is held at Tynemouth Metro Station, a Grade II listed building, and is on every Saturday and Sunday.

Things you could buy there..

Eyerolling cat.


Steampunk Topper


Hangover Tea




Nuts and bolts


Converted fire extinguishers


These might be sitting on my kitchen shelf now πŸ™‚


Art Deco perfume bottle.

Things you might see there…

carving his wares





There are always lots of doggies



Doggage Γ  Trois


and sartorially elegant ladies

Golden Wonder

We had our lunch there..


and then went to have a quick look at the newly opened Spanish City, which I’ll do next time, so stay tooned!

47 thoughts on “Tynemouth Market ~ November 2018

  1. Loved this. I really love quirky markets and all the goodies you can pick up there. How amazing is that guitar made of nuts and bolts?
    Your pics are so vibrant. You really capture *moments*, not just objects or people.
    How you’re well.
    Hugs ❀️❀️

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  2. Oh my kind of place!!!! I love the hang over tea:) . Oh and what a kool idea fir those old fire extinguishers!!! And I bet u got those humpty dumpy heads πŸ˜‰ fantastic captures Fraggy. I cant wait till it a bit warmer here so I can get out and go to our Tuen town market .

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  3. It never occurs to me to take “ordinary” shots of gadgets and things and people. I am reminded by looking at your shots how much I’m missing by restricting myself to landscapes and nature shots. Lovely post, Fraggle.
    Golden Wonder is my favorite. Her eyes have a mission. I wonder what adventure she’s about to embark on?

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  4. This is a fun place to visit. You got some cracking photos here Fraggle. Love that guitar made of nuts and bolts – it would be a great birthday present for the OH, but a long way to travel!

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