Shrewsbury November 2018

My final post on Shrewsbury is on my film blog, Tudor buildings lend themselves nicely to B&W film I think.


photo’s taken on an Olympus XA on Ilford HP5 + B&W film.

The Market Hall built in 1595-6.

Ancient & Modern


Chocolate Box

Prego Fatface?

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32 thoughts on “Shrewsbury November 2018

  1. Omg Frags, I love this place, I love these captures. ❀️I’m in love!!!!
    I’m hoping to see something like this when we go o Italy and Spain.😍 what a verykoool place

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  2. I know these photos well. They do look good in B&W. OH’s uncle used to create black and white drawings of the historic buildings. His perspective wasn’t always right, but they were pretty impressive for an amateur.

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  3. I just tried to comment on your latest photo. I got an error message saying that ‘You do not have access privileges to the admin dashboard on this site’.
    Never seen that before. It let me into here OK, but it won’t let me view your post tonight.
    ? Best wishes, Pete.

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