New Year’s Eve retrospective.

Traditionally we photographic types do a year’s retrospective and choose a few of their favourite/best photo’s to showcase what they’ve been up to. Well hang me and bedamned, I’ve got too many to choose from and you’ve seen them all anyway, so I’m going to do something else instead.


First up a short video of the view from my bedroom as it changes throughout the year, I was supposed to do one a week, that’d be 52, but to be honest some weeks nothing changed so I’ve just done 34 stills and run them together.


The second short video is via an app on my phone called 1SE (1 second every day) and you take a shot or do a 1 second video and it puts them all together for you. I didn’t manage every day, but most of my year is covered. It has sound too 😊.  Possibly boring to anyone else but me, but I like it and so here it is.


Finally we had a lovely sunset here to see out New Years Eve day, and I wish you all a wonderful 2019!

Sunset New Years Eve 2018


33 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve retrospective.

  1. How marvelous! I love your idea. Interesting how the second snaps of time really say a lot about you and your life. THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF YOU. Make sure your handsome hubby takes some next year. I did see your fingernails. They mean something to you. Ha! What did you do with the mosaic bar notes and cat creation? I admire your talents, there.

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    1. No pictures of me? Dang I knew there was something I forgot 😉. The mosaic music/cat creation is a top for a stereo cabinet in our conservatory, and yes I’m silly about my nails & hair, last of my girlish ways as everything else has gone south. 🤣🤣🥂 happy new Year Cindy!


  2. Great ideas, FR. I spotted Frego in the 1-second clips, but what was ‘Boobagram Day’ when it’s at home?
    (And is Phil always doing ‘jobs’? What a ‘house-man’ he is. People like Phil show me up something rotten… 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Cool videos. It’s nice to see how much the landscape changes over the course of the year. I would consider doing the same, but our windows don’t command very interesting views! There’s a certain surrealness to the 1 second everyday video, like one of those scenes in a movie when a person’s life flashes before their eyes!

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