Raby Castle – August 2018 – Exterior~part 3

Part 1 HERE 

Part 2 HERE

Now the history is out of the way, lets have a few more pictures around the outside of the castle.

The south front of the castle has views over the lake


and from the terrace we could also see some of the deer grazing


as we walked up to the castle, looking back we could see the greenhouse

and a little cottage perhaps for the groundsman

we also saw some more deer in the distance

The castle has a huge herd of deer on the estate, which Sophie and I decided to hunt for after we’d done the inside of the castle, and had our lunch!

A couple more of the entrance

the other side

The rear aspect of the castle

Next time we’ll have a trog around the inside of the castle, so stay tooned folks!

35 thoughts on “Raby Castle – August 2018 – Exterior~part 3

  1. Looks like such a lovely place to visit! What nice pictures! The deer also brought back some memories of my recent visit to Windsor – we went on the long walk and a whole herd of deer (dozens of them) just started crossing the trail in front of us!

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        1. 🤣🤣 Language Timothy! (possibly a Brit reference you wouldn’t know but I’ll give it a go!) but really the camera is just a tool, it’s what you do with it that counts 😉 the one I have now is my 7th digital and no-one has never noticed when I’ve moved from one to the other!

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      1. We do but my favorite stays the one in continental Europe for their interiors.
        I have a castle around the corner from my house with one big park to bring the dogs and it’s nice but not visitabile inside ,but there is an other just 20 minutes driving that you can visit the rooms😍

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