Tall Ships at Sunderland ~ July 2018 ~ part 2

Part 1 Here

Part of the joy in photographing a big event like this, is people watching, and there were plenty of interesting humans for my camera.

Say ‘cheeeeeeze!’ Wait, no, say ice creeeeeem!


Fish & chips


what shall we do with a drunken sailor…


Aye aye Capn’ Boss


Where do I start?


I’ll keep my head down, no-one will notice me.


obliging merchants


The SIlver Surfers


sharp dressed man

stay tooned for more ships ahoy!


  1. Lol: What shall we do with a drunken sailor 😂😂😂 As always your captions are so much fun! And the pictures as lovely as ever. You always seem to capture best people (erm on camera that is…..😅😂).

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    1. Haha I’m always inspired by your captions for the anime! Thanks loads 😘

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  2. Fun post. You manage to capture the essence of humanity.

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  3. There’s more snacks than I would have guessed.
    Good people watching!

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  4. I love the lady in the flowered dress, in ‘where do I start?’ The ‘Silver Surfers’ made me laugh because I am in an online group with that name! I always think it should really be called ‘white surfers’, because my hair hasn’t been silver for years. 🙂
    The ‘ZZ Top’ photographer is a ubiquitous look. I am sure I have seen him (or his double) over on Hoe Rough.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete glad you enjoyed them!

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  5. I’m glad some of your ‘victims’ looked as if they were having a good time.

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    1. I think most people did, it was a great day out.

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  6. Ha ha!! Love your pictures!! Especially that last one! I mean… All the girl’s crazy for a sharp dressed man… 😂😂😘

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  7. Lol – your captions are the best. Looks like a fun day!

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    1. Thanks M.B it was!

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      1. Have you read “the Great War and Modern Memory”? It’s a great place to start if you’d like to learn more about WWI literature especially.

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        1. Haha whoops!! This was supposed to go on another blog! Sorry about that. But seriously… good book! 🙂

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          1. Haha I did wonder, but thanks, always like to know about a good history book.

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        2. Thanks M.B I’ll check it out!

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  8. There is always so much fun going on during a massive event like Tall Ships Races, as your photos so well illustrates here.

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  9. I completely relate to the “where do I start” lady.😁

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  10. Love all the photos! You are so talented.📷🎆🌹📻

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    1. Aw you’ll have me blushing again! 😘


  11. Such a fun post 🙂

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  12. Some nice people watching shots!

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