Frontline~ Part 3~ June 2018

As well as the medeival lot, we also found some Tudors (at least I think this chap is)


I’m Henery the eighth I am.

and some (not very convincing) Romans


Red isn’t dead


odd one out


Up yours??


hat’s off


Some of the people who came to see the show also dressed up in style



my favourites were this couple I saw walk past me

it wasn’t a great photograph as you can see so I ran after them and asked them if I could take their photo


Mr & Mrs Cute

how cute are they? 🙂

also spotted this chap,

Mr.Serious Photographer, with badges.


and this lady


Stay tooned for the American civil war next time!


27 thoughts on “Frontline~ Part 3~ June 2018

  1. No, red certainly isn’t dead, FR! 🙂 You are showing us a lovely variety. I especially like the sepia-mono of the lady with the sunglasses. And your very elegant signature! 👍🏻😊

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  2. Lovely couple indeed. And certainly if was appropriate the label of serious photographer, charming in his way. n.n Always when I see legionaries I am grateful to the inventor of pants, I imagine their long marchers had to been more arduous without them.

    Liked by 1 person

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