Aydon Castle & a poppyfest ~ June 2018

Part 1 HERE

After exploring the interior of the castle we went outside and had a wander too.

The back end of the castle is right next to a very steep ditch, but there’s a path to walk around it,

fence for health & safety

Lots of daisies heading down the valley


and flowers growing by the castle walls




and then we walked down to the poppy field, passed some horses who wouldn’t stop stuffing their faces for a photo 😦

The munch bunch

The sky started out blue so I got a few shots of the poppies against the sky



there were a few other people around and I tried, but sometimes failed, to leave them out of the shot


the poppies were lush in the sunshine


but then the sky went all dramatic on us


but now and then the sun would peep through the clouds and illuminate a section of poppies


by mid afternooon everyone else who’d found out about the field turned up with their DSLR’s or iphones


and I had to work hard in potatoshop to get rid of them all so I could do a nice picture for Sophie


and then we thought it too crowded, so headed off home, passed the horses again, still stuffing themselves

and that was the end of our day out at Aydon Castle!

Stay tooned for our next adventure!

all pictures are embiggenable and there’s more shots of the castle and too many of the poppies πŸ™‚ HERE


47 thoughts on “Aydon Castle & a poppyfest ~ June 2018

  1. Oh WOW!The poppies…love them all but particularly the dramatic sky one…love that landscape, the clods seem to echo the trees….and the one where the light illuminates the poopies…poppies I mean (hahaha)….beautiful post x

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  2. What a wondrous post, Fraggle! You’ve outdone yourself. The field of poppies is captivating. I’ve never seen anything like it. But I expect Baum had when he wrote about Oz.
    The scenes were lovely — but the way you captured the light in each one was stunning. Hugs!

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  3. To go to that castle I should go through a magical mirror? it feels an imagined place, at least in Peru as usually is the way tales are illustrated and there are not places like those here :0

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  4. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, Waffles! In better quality of course.😜 Love them all! I actually have some of your photos in my shutterfly account to print when I get a little extra cash!πŸ’– They have free 4Γ—6s so I was going to get some of your photos and strong them on a clothes line kind of decoration for my living room.😊 Sounds weird perhaps but I am weird and love your photography skills!πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

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