Seaham ~ May 2018 ~ part 2

Part 1 HERE

Let’s have a wander around the harbour and beach first.

There was a boat removal going on while we were there

having a paddle in the sea



Come in No.10 your time is up!

Everyone found it entertaining

The Audience

The beach was clean and not too packed,

Far From the Madding Crowd


The Madding Crowd (1)


The Madding Crowd (2)

Seaham’s Lighthouse was built in 1905 to mark the town’s north breakwater. The cylindrical metal tower is painted in an alternating black and white pattern and is 10 meters in height.  A green light is shown from the glazed lantern at the top of the tower, which gives a single flash every 10 seconds or in bad weather shows a fixed green light. The tower also holds a Fog Horn which gives a blast every 30 seconds in periods of low viability. So glad I don’t live next to that!

Actually that’s a big fat lie, when the weather kicks off here Seaham lighthouse is the place to be with a camera, check this out a couple of minutes of this film by Ian Britton,



On the way back up the hill from the beach, we saw some more madding crowd coming down,

Don’t worry lad, you’ll grow into it!


Sorceror and apprentice.


In Seaham, towels are the new must-have jackets.


That’ll do for today, stay tooned folks!




25 thoughts on “Seaham ~ May 2018 ~ part 2

  1. The video clip was excellent. Nothing like the power of nature for real ‘awesome’. 🙂
    Great shots too, and I spotted the Sunderland fan in his shirt. No ‘Toon Army’ there that day?
    Some of those people appear to be what a Coroner refers too as ‘well-nourished’. I would feel reasonably slim if I lived there…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. No Toon Army that day, as a rule of thumb towns and villages south of the Tyne support Sunderland and North of the Tyne they’ll support the Toon, always exceptions of course. Pie culture is a thing up here, so well nourished people abound!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! Fraggle you’re in rare form with the captions today. You slay me! From the maddening crowd to the sorcerer & apprentice.
    Wonderful photos — great clarity and color. And a gorgeous lighthouse… you’ve got it all here. Hugs.


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