Cheeseburn Sculpture Park ~ June 2018~ part 2

Following on from part 1 HERE

The gardens at Cheeseburn Grange are quite lovely

and a perfect place for delicate glass sculptures

Can’t remember who did that sorry!!

Laura Johnston  thrilled us with these beautiful glassworks in the woods

click to embiggen for the full effect

I loved how the colors reflected onto the woodland path


Simon Hitchins

combined the rough texture of rocks with smooth shiny mirrors

“In The Eye of the Beholder”


“The Other Eye” (with added appreciators)


On one of the walls in the grounds we came across these,


by Louise Plant

they reminded me of what I used to call ‘Jacks’ when I was a kid, can’t remember what you did with them though 🙂


Ending & Beginning ~ Luke Dickinson


“Fallen Arch”. ( 🤣🙄) ~ Ekkehard Altenburger


“The Earth” by Andrew Burton.  Mr. Burton did some of my favourite pieces back in part 1, his vessels series, but I was not really impressed with this….


“The Earth” ~ Andrew Burton

but the more I look at it and think about it, the more I like what he’s done.

Anyhoo that’s enough for now, can’t be having y’all bored witless, still more artwork to come, when next time I get to the main event!

Stay tooned peeps!

36 thoughts on “Cheeseburn Sculpture Park ~ June 2018~ part 2

  1. You are kidding about the being bored part right? These were awesome! I completely agree with the way the colours reflected on the woodland path: that is truly amazing indeed 😊😊 Already looking forward to the main event 😀

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  2. I liked the ones in the trees best. They worked so well with the reflections.
    You put the jacks on the ground.
    Pick up the rubber ball, and throw it in the air.
    Before it lands, pick up ss many jacks as you can in one hand, then catch the ball too.
    The winner is the one with the most jacks collected, when they are all gone.
    (That may not be ‘official’, but it’s how we used to play it.)
    There was also an identical game with ridged squares, called ‘Alleygobs’. Same rules.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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