Alnwick Gardens ~ part 3 ~ flowers

Part 1 HERE.    Part 2 HERE

Of course, a garden isn’t really a garden without flowers.  At the top of the central water cascade is where they’re all at, in a walled-off courtyard.  Plenty of tulips in bloom in April of course, all gloriously coloured, such happy flowers to see after a long grey winter.


a lovely magnolia was in bloom too,


always glad to get the macro lens out.

Stay tooned folks, more to come. 🙂



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  1. Well…one thing I can say without even thinking about it: Your pictures are every bit as beautiful as they were before I went away. These are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them 😊

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  2. On form with that macro stuff, FR. Sharp as a tack, and a delight to see. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. These are so beautiful Fraggle. I feel like I can reach in and smell and touch them.😊

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  4. Wow those tulips are beautiful! Excellent captures.

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  5. Amazing pictures! Glad you had time to stop and smell the flowers!! … Or, at least take their pictures! 💖💖

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  6. That there macro lens was a good investment 🙂

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  7. Looking down into the protected center of the tulip is a clever, gorgeous shot.

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  8. I’m enjoying this trip back to spring. Those spring flowers are just so special after the cold and dark winter.

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  9. Ah, the colours.
    I’m going to tilt my monitor down and lay on the ground, so I feel like i’m lying among them. (it’s a rough day)

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  10. Wow, Waffles!!!💚 These photos are amazingly gorgeous! Wowza, you are so talented, my friend.📷💜🎆🌈

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  11. Gorgeous flowers—and photos. Such intense colours!

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  12. Magnolias and tulips are delightful together 😍

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