Mere Knowles Cemetery~ April 2018 ~Part 2

Part 1 HERE

We noticed that the chapels were not in the most habitable state of being

Indoor arboretum

and in noticing the roofing issues then noticed carved stone heads around the (technical term alert) stone rim thingy that went around it.  There were a lot, so I’ve just chosen the ones I recognised, (see if you agree) and one I don’t but if you know who they are do say…

HRM Queen Elizabeth II?


Alec Guiness?


Owen Teale ? (Sir Alliser Thorne in GOT) fab Welsh actor.


An extra on The Walking Dead??


Your turn 🙂

I’m wondering if it’s bad of me to have fun with what are obviously serious religious icons, but I find it hard to be obviously seriously religious these days. And furthermore and forthtoothwith, whilst my googling of the chapels came up with “Lodge and gateway rock faced stone, possibly magnesian limestone from Marsden quarry with ashlar dressings;” and further excruciatingly comprehensive architectural details, nothing was apparent regarding the people who adorn the blessed thing. 🙄

Anyways, we left to return to the car, and while Sophie was macro-ing the wildflowers


I doodled round the corner where I found space set aside for a set of more recent headstones, very different from the old, grey aged stones, as modern headstones are of course, but these were all for a different faith I think, though am not sure. (Another google fail).

Your Love is within our hearts.

They are very similar to the one I got for my Mum, black and gold with a carved lily in it. Though I think the script here is Arabic and my Mum was from Yorkshire. If the people here are of different faiths, it doesn’t matter, the sentiments on their memorials are just the same as always whatever dominations I see on my travels to cemeteries.

Finally, on our way out I liked this old door with its cracked paint, and the light coming through the gates.

You can click on the photo’s for an embiggened experience 🤪

For more fun with heads, there are a few more than I’ve posted 🙂  the full album can be seen HERE

Stay tooned, next time we are off to Alnwick Gardens to see an orchard of rare Japanese Blossom trees. And Other Scintillating stuff! Really!! 😉

49 thoughts on “Mere Knowles Cemetery~ April 2018 ~Part 2

  1. I, for one, enjoyed the attempts at identifying the religious people! We have a Jesus statue at church that I refer to as “Sexy Jesus.” I mean, seriously sculptor, if you have Jesus’ shirt opened to show off Jesus’ 8 pack abs, what do you expect me to call it?

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          1. Yes! For this task, and so, so many others (though most of those other tasks fall into the “secretly take pictures of people I see” category, which sounds creepy. But mostly, I just see people doing odd things and want pictures without getting a butt kicking. Hmm…it still sounds creepy).

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  2. Considering the lack of nose of the last one I’d say a) a descendant of the Egyptian sphinx b) Michael Jackson /n\ c) a portrait of one of the ancient aliens that apparently built everything from the past civilizations, at least the greys have no nose xP
    Usually the architects would have their heads sculpted too, at least here in colony with public buildings of ashlar too.

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